West End Wanders ft. Lucy Hope.

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Photography has always been a passion of mine, especially in the more recent years. But this year I have decided to push outside of my comfort zone and go from being "Awryt at taking photies" to "a pretty decent photographer".

One of the reasons I love photography is being able to capture the moment, any moment for that matter. Times that may have otherwise been forgotten, buried in the depths of your brain as soon as they happened, never to be resurfaced. But sometimes It is nice to step away from that and capture images that have a purpose. To capture a human being and to be able to show them in their truest form, unfiltered if you will.

I recently was lucky enough to be able to practice my portrait photography on my good friend Lucy Hope. The shots below are some of my favourite from that afternoons shoot.

thatmckWest End Wanders ft. Lucy Hope.