The Olympus Trip 35 – Trip 1.

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A few weeks ago you may have see the post I put up about my new Olympus Trip 35. Over these past few weeks I have been getting to know this camera, literally carrying it everywhere I go. Finally the time came though when I finished the first roll of film I put through it. I tried not to get my hopes up about the results as I have used film cameras in the past and have been let down with them failing on me. Or down to me simply just being too incompetent to work them properly.

However I couldn’t be happier with the results from the trip. Of course it will still take time for me to get used to the camera but I cant wait to get back out and shooting over Christmas. Below is a selection of some of my favourite images from the first roll of film I shot. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Trip 35 First Roll-17Trip 35 First Roll-4Trip 35 First Roll-2Trip 35 First Roll-32Trip 35 First Roll-31Trip 35 First Roll-28Trip 35 First Roll-20Trip 35 First Roll-19Trip 35 First Roll-16Trip 35 First Roll-15Trip 35 First Roll-13Trip 35 First Roll-23Trip 35 First Roll-24Trip 35 First Roll-12Trip 35 First Roll-34Trip 35 First Roll-29



thatmckThe Olympus Trip 35 – Trip 1.