Travel Diaries N.003

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Travel Diaries, a way for me to share my memories, my snapshots of life with you. This is a series I started with the hopes of showcasing the beauty and the stories behind even the most insignificant photos.

The photo I am speaking about in this edition of Travel Diaries is the one that can be seen below. To put a bit of context behind this photo, this was taken in September 2013 after seeing Babyshambles at Brixton Academy in London. In among chaos of the photo you can Pete Doherty being guided to bus by his bouncers. In typical Pete Doherty fashion though he was having none of it and was trying to get as much photos and meet as many fans as possible. I have never had much luck with meeting bands and this is the closest I have ever gotten to it.

002Actually it’s worth mentioning that before the gig my friend and I went round the back of the venue to try and meet them then. This resulted in being shouted at by Mike Whitnall (Guitarist from the Babyshambles). This strange turn of events happened when we were just quietly waiting round the back next to the bus just chilling and talking. It was just us and a group of random girls that were standing right next to the busses door. Whereas we were sitting around half way up the bus, now this is a minor detail but very crucial to the story.  The random girls walked up and chapped on all of the windows up the bus and walked back to where they were standing. This is when Mick came out and stared at me and my friend and this is when he started shouting at us. I quite visibly remembering him telling us to fuck off and stop being so disrespectful because Pete’s not slept in three days. We presume he was shouting at us because we were the ones standing about half way up the bus. As he proceeded to tell us to fuck off and stop being little shits; we both just sort of stared at him without saying anything. It was all rather surreal. After this we decided it was about time to head into the venue to avoid further confrontation.

In all honesty that whole gig was probably one of my favourites. No other gig compares to it in my mind, it was in a league of its own. Although it is one of my favourite gigs that I have ever attended I don’t really remember much from it. But it was one of those gigs that just blew me away and that’s what I remember it for. The picture I have is one of the only ones I have from the whole night and I’m not disappointed by this. Sure I would have loved to get more but this one picture is enough for me to remember that day for the rest of my life.



thatmckTravel Diaries N.003