Travel Diaries N.002

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As you may have seen not too long ago decided it was a good idea to start writing these Travel Diaries posts. This is a series in which I will speak about a photo in depth from my travels. Taking a better look at photos that might have otherwise been forgotten about or over looked.


The photo above is off my two friends Anna and Beech on the Sunday night/Monday Morning of Leeds Festival 2014.Prior to Leeds fest I had never met either of them nor did I know of their existence. I travelled down with Beech, a friend of a friend that over the few days I got to know quite well and now I like to think we will be friends for life. Anna on the other hand, I had only known for around a day and a half. We instantly clicked and now I am grateful to call her one of my best friends, even though she can be a bit of a pain from time to time.

It was the end of the night and the end of the weekend. We were out at Piccadilly trying to make the most of it. We were starting to lose our voices, our alcohol was running low and the weekend was catching up on us. Begging to feel defeat not long after this photo was taken myself and Anna headed to sleep while Beech disappeared into the night.  If I remember correctly this was the last photo I took on my disposable from that weekend. Not a bad photo to end on I suppose, it captures the festival and the experience I had perfectly.


thatmckTravel Diaries N.002
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    Uhm bitch please I ain’t no pain!