The Olympus Trip 35.

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Photographs tell the best stories and the Olympus Trip 35 has told a fair few over the years. The Trip 35 is one of the most famous and loved film cameras in the world and a few weeks ago I finally decided to pick one up.

With over 10 million cameras sold in the 17 years it was in production (1967-1984) they are certainly not rare and you can pick one up for a little over tenner if you know where to look. A few weeks ago I managed to get my hands on one and I couldn’t be happier with it. I use Disposable cameras on almost a daily basis, or it seems like I do anyway, so I thought it was only right to pick one of these up. I seem to have a thing for cameras and I own a few film cameras as it is but I never seem to use them. They just get forgotten about and start to gather dust.

Olympus Trip 35-6Olympus Trip 35-2Olympus Trip 35-4

The Trip was originally designed for Holidays and travelling (Hence the name) so it’s small and compact, exactly what I am looking for in a camera. I want to throw it in my pocket or my bag and forget about it until it’s needed. Although being small it is definitely solid having a mostly metal body the build quality is incredible; especially with it being so old. It really has stood the test of the time with very little age related marks, However it does have “Charlie” written on the back of the leatherette in red letters. They may be faded but I was a little bit disappointed when I first saw it scrawled on the back. I thought it took away from the look and feel of it, like it was ruined. But then I quickly realised a camera of this age is going to have passed through man hands before mine. It’s going to have character and I like that. Charlie made it their own and so will I over the years.

When you look at this camera the main thing that catches your eye is the large selenium cell surrounding the lens. This is what meters the camera and determines if there is enough light to take the photo. Overall the aesthetics of this camera just make it for me; like the little red flag that pops up in the viewfinder when there is not enough light to take the photo. Or even the clicking of the advance wheel right down to the icons on the lens to show your focus distance.

Olympus Trip 35-3 Olympus Trip 35-1 Olympus Trip 35-7

Over the coming weeks I will hopefully be able to properly get out there and use the camera. Expect a post soon sharing my memories in the form of my first roll of film shot on it… Well that’s if they turn out anyway. Let me know down in the comments below what you think of the Trip 35!


thatmckThe Olympus Trip 35.