Shooting Ilford XP2 – My First Black and White Film.

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Shooting black and white film is something I have never been keen on. Sure I have been drawn to it now and again, but I never though damn I need some black and white film in my life. I like shooting in colour too much. Even if I have been predominantly using shit Kodak Colour plus. I love the depth and feel you can achieve in those colour images.

You could say I had a troubled month with my Olympus Trip 35. After pushing myself with the February Photo Challenge, I got a bit sick of it. I needed something new. Before even buying my Trip I heard of how good a camera this could be with Black and white films, especially at night; Something which this camera definitely isn’t renowned for on a day to day basis.

Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-4
Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-5
Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-7Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-1Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-12

With the sudden excitement of a Secret Frightened Rabbit Gig I spoke about in the previous blog post. I spontaneously decided to shoot Black and White film. I don’t really know what came over me but I felt it was the right thing to do. It all sort of just happened. Out of nowhere I found myself buying some Ilford XP2. Lets just pretend I never spent more money on next day delivery than the actual film. It was totally worth it. I wont leave it so last minute next time though.

Ever since I completed the roll of film I have been anxiously waiting the results. I knew they wouldn’t be ideal. I mean the trip is meant for nice sunny conditions. Not dark strobe light gigs. I was hopeful though. I done the best I could with what I had and I am actually really pleased with the results. I’ve not included the photos from the Frightened Rabbit Gig as they can be seen on that post. The remainder of the photos though can be seen here. Okay, I will admit some of them are shit. Some are really shit. So shit in fact you will never get to see them. But the others, the ones I actually think are worth looking at, yeah those are here.
Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-13Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-18Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-16Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-2Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-3

Some of these photos are really great. Not that I am biased or anything. This one roll of film has made me want to shoot more Black and White images. I can still get the depth and the feel of the images I’m after. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do, let me know what sort of film you shoot in the comments below.


thatmckShooting Ilford XP2 – My First Black and White Film.