Hogmanay In 8 Photos – Shot on Instax 200.

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At the time of writing this it is only three days into 2016. I have already seen countless “Hello, 2016” and “2016, Goals” posts on all forms of blogs and across social media. As much as I would like to say this is not one of them, I suppose in a way it sort of is.

To those of you that don’t know Hogmanay is what we call New Years Eve here in Scotland. As ever this year was different to all the ones before it. The main difference this year was that I spent it with my girlfriend’s family and friends and to be honest I wouldn’t have wanted to be elsewhere. I had the best time and I couldn’t think of a better way to bring in the New Year. All of the original photos in the post were taken on my new Fujifilm instax 200 but the photos of the photos were taken on my Sony A6000.

Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-1 Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-2 Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-3 Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-4 Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-5 Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-6 Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-7 Fuji Instax Hogmanay E2-8

Admittedly 2015 was my worst year in blogging. Although I feel my content improved and I found my style, it also became less frequent. That is the one thing that I didn’t want to happen. I could make countless excuses as to why this happened or I could even say I was putting my energy into something else. At the end of the day though, I wasn’t. This time and my energy all went to waste and it is one of my biggest regrets, but that is behind us now.

I was foolish enough last year to do a “2015, Goals” post but it was pointless. One year on and I don’t think I kept up with any of them. As the year goes on, things change, most importantly you change. This year I am just going to live my life day by day and make it the best year I possibly can.


thatmckHogmanay In 8 Photos – Shot on Instax 200.