The Botanics Wanders

Glasgow Wanders –The Botanics and Kelvingrove Museum.

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Nearly nine months later the “Wanders” series is back. Something I was very much keen to continue but my motivation sort of got lost. If you don’t remember this was supposed to be a way of documenting and sharing my photos with you. Showing my progression as a photographer and just having some fun. You should check out the last wanders post from last may, when I was at the National Museum of Scotland.

Last weekend, my girlfriend and myself headed off to the Botanic Gardens.It may not have been the greatest weather for this but it was a nice change. Plus I don’t think I have been there since I was about knee height. Afterwards we quickly headed to Kelvingrove Museum, yet again somewhere I haven’t been in years. That was short lived though as we had to head off to the Hello, I’m Paul Smith Exhibition. Too many things to see and do, too little time; you know how it is.

Below you can see some of my best shots from throughout the day. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever been to either of these places!

The Botanics (Smaller)-1

The Botanics-2

The Botanics-3

The Botanics-6

The Botanics-7

The Botanics-9

The Botanics-13The Botanics-10

The Botanics-11

The Botanics-14

The Botanics-19

The Botanics-16

The Botanics-18

The Botanics-21

The Botanics-23Kelvingrove-1Kelvingrove-6Kelvingrove-3Kelvingrove-4Kelvingrove-5


thatmckGlasgow Wanders –The Botanics and Kelvingrove Museum.
  • Life of Gibbers ✈️

    Sat outside the Botanic Gardens on so many times sunny days (not always warm though!), but never actually ventured in! Your pics look great 🙂

    • You really should venture in one day, it such a nice place to explore, oh and to get out of the cold! Thank you so much.


  • The Botanic Gardens looks so beautiful! I really should visit someday.