February Photo Challenge – Week One.

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You might remember seeing my post at the end of January, where I spoke about doing a “February Photo Challenge”. Well February has been and gone and so has the Photo Challenge. As much as I hate to say it, thank god.

I set three simple rules at the very start of this task –

  1. The First and Last Photos must be Self Portraits.
  2. I must take 7 photos in the week. No more, No less.
  3. I can choose the order I take the photos but I must do them all.

Lets just say these rules were almost completely out the window by the end of week one. Sure I stuck to rule one and three but number two, I may have been as well not setting this rule what so ever. I Literally got photos when and where I could. Some weeks I went over seven photos others I barley got two. But apart from that slight hiccup I did actually complete the challenge, which I am pretty pleased about.

Below are the photos that I took the first week. However number seven is missing (This was “An Animal” just to let you know), I really don’t know what happened with this as it was more than light enough to take the photo. I guess in the processing it must have gotten lost or what not.

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -291. Selfie

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -282.Something Green (Botanic Gardens, Glasgow)

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -273. Architecture (Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery, Glasgow)

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -264. Picture of A Picture (Paul Smith Exhibition, The Lighthouse, Glasgow)

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -255. Lines (Paul Smith Exhibition, The Lighthouse, Glasgow)

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -246. Something red (GOMA, Glasgow)

Over all I am pretty happy with the first week results. I think photo number two “Something Green” has to be my favourite. It is exactly how I pictured it in my head. Next week I will be posting the second week’s worth of photos so check back for that. Leave a comment below with what your favourite photos is.




thatmckFebruary Photo Challenge – Week One.