February Photo Challenge – Week Two.

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Last week I posted my first round of photos from my February Photo Challenge. Now obviously it’s on to the second week. Now don’t get your hopes up. As I explained last week, the rules are already out the window. By week two I barely took a weeks worth of photos.

Now this was for no other reason than I couldn’t find the time. Even with the rules and parameters I set out. I knew I was forcing myself to take the photos and I hated that. I think I only took two, maybe three photos during this second week. I just told myself to take as many photos whenever I wanted as long as it was on the list. Below are the photos from the “second” week, as you can probably tell they aren’t that great.

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -23

    1. Your Shoes

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -22
2. Weather

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -21
3. Clouds

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -20
4. Anything I Want

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -19
5. Movement

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -18
6. What I Wore

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -17
7. Hands

Out of all the photos I took this second week, “weather” is the only one that stands out to me,  Even then it isn’t particularly that great of a photo. Over the last two weeks I did get a handful of better shots so look out for that.


thatmckFebruary Photo Challenge – Week Two.