February Photo Challenge – Olympus Trip 35.

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Photo Challenges, we have all seen them before. The ones where everyday for a month you need to capture a specific place or thing. For the most part these are just for fun but there a small minority of people that actually use these as a way to practice their skills and for the month of February I will be one of those people.

A few months ago I picked up an Olympus Trip 35. I would like to hope you know that by now because I never seem to shut up about the thing. It is my new favourite camera and I think it has now officially taken the place of my trusty disposables. For this Photo Challenge I will be using said Olympus trip and shooting on 35mm Kodak Film. As many of these challenges I have seen online I don’t think I have seen any using film. I know I am not the first and I certainly wont be the last to do a photo challenge on film but I am looking forward to it none the less.

trip 35-1

I couldn’t find a photo challenge that I fully liked so I devised my own by pulling ideas from around three or four different ones. The photos I need to get across February are –

Self Portrait
What You Wore
Something Green
After Dark
Low Angle
High Angle
An Animal
Something Yellow
Your Shoes
A Wall
Something Blue
A Picture of a Picture
Anything I want
Something Red
Self Portrait

Going by the normal rules to these Challenges, each day you get a specific topic to take photos of. Working nine to five Monday to Friday I know I would never be able to finish this, there will be days I wouldn’t have the time and other where I just wouldn’t be bothered to do it. To work around this I have devised my own set of rules to go along with it.

  1. The First and Last Photos must be Self Portraits.
  2. I must take 7 photos in the week. No more, No less.
  3. I can choose the order I take the photos but I must do them all.

Shooting on film only adds that extra bit of difficulty, not being able to review my shots until the end means I wont know if I have gotten the shot. I will need to actually think twice before pressing the shutter. Since this will be shot on film it wont be until the start of March until you see my results. If you would like to do the February Photo Challenge with me I have included a link to a calendar I made especially for it, click the photo for a download!



Let me know in the comments below if you download the Calendar and do your own.


thatmckFebruary Photo Challenge – Olympus Trip 35.