February Photo Challenge – Weeks Three and Four.

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This is the last week of my February Photo Challenge. You may have noticed I missed out last week, I thought it would be good to have a little break. Mix things up a little bit. To tell the truth, I am bit sick of it. I am not proud of it. I am not happy with the results and to see it dragged on for another week is just painful.

It has almost been a month now since I finished this photo challenge. In that time it has made me realise just how bad these photos are. Sure there are the odd few that are nice, but the rest are shit. They are poorly composed and thought out. You can tell just how little effort I put in to taking these photos. I was just trying to complete the list. I didn’t want to let myself down like that. But in a way it backfired. I was too focused on completing the list that I failed to actually take nice photos. I rarely stopped to think about a photo, I foolishly snapped away.

So below are the photos from weeks three and four. They are nothing special and I am definitely not proud of a lot of them. But I still wanted to put this content out there. If anything just to prove that you really do need to stop and wait for a moment and think about the photo you are actually going to end up with.

It is worth mentioning, incase you are wondering, Photo 1 from week Three is missing, This was Routine. Photo 7 from week Four is also missing, This Was after Dark. These photos were both too dark and hard to see.

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -15

2. Sunset

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -14

3. Strangers

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -13

4. Reflections

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -12

5. Low Angle

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -11

6. A Wall

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -10

7. Something Yellow

Week Four

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -9

1. Landscape

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -8

2. Something Blue

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -7

3. Pattern

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -5

4. Symmetry

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -4

5. High Angle

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -2

6. Travel

Olympus Trip 35 Film 3 -3

8. Selfie

I set out to get better at my film photography and I didn’t. I got worse. Constantly pushing myself to tick another photo of the list, rarely thinking about what the outcome was actually going to be. That said though I am happy I still managed to complete the challenge, but I don’t think I would do it again. I will stick to capturing the moments I see fit, not forcing myself to capture something when my hearts not in it.


thatmckFebruary Photo Challenge – Weeks Three and Four.
  • I think we are all our toughest critic. You say you aren’t proud of the photos, but I honestly can’t find one photo here I don’t like for one reason or another. You are very talented. I can understand, however, the pressure a “challenge” can put on you. You stop thinking about the composition and stop taking time with details just to cross off another day, another photo. I’d really like to try this photo challenge out. It would be great to push my limits. Sometimes when we are stretched too far, we come back stronger…. 😀

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    • That is very true, thank you so much you are very kinds! You should definitely give this challenge a go, it really does make you push yourself.