Disposable, September to November 2015.

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With the year quickly drawing to a close I find myself wondering where the year has went as the nights get colder and darker. I recently finished using a Disposable camera that I first started using back in September and as ever, I thought I would share the exposures I received with you. The moments captured on the disposable are mostly from Halloween weekend but a rare few are from the Libertines at the 02 Academy in Glasgow back in September, but there are oddities throughout.

CNV00001 CNV00002 CNV00003 CNV00005 CNV00006 CNV00007 CNV00008 CNV00009 CNV00010 CNV00011 CNV00012 CNV00013 CNV00014 CNV00015 CNV00016 CNV00017


thatmckDisposable, September to November 2015.