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I like Instagram, it must be my favourite social media platform. It’s like a highlight reel of your life it only shows the best bits, the things you want to show off. As much as I use it and like it though I feel like it lacks something, I’m really not sure what though that’s one of the reasons I started carrying around a disposable camera.

Sure a Polaroid camera would probably be cooler but c’mon im not made of money. A disposable camera is only a couple of pounds and is small enough to fit into your pocket. I get asked quite a lot why I carry one, why don’t you just use your phone? Isn’t that a waste of money?

The simple answer is I like it, I like the look and the feel of the actual prints. I like the excitement of going through the photos for the first time and seeing how they turned out, remembering what I actually took pictures of. You can look at the pictures and feel like you are there again, in the moment, that one fraction of a second that it took to take the picture.

I’ve literally got a disposable camera either sitting in my car or in my bag/jacket when I go out, it’s just me, it’s just what I like to do. I’m not going to purposely go out and look for things to take photos of but if im going out to the pub or away for a drive it will always be there to capture the moment no matter how insignificant it may be. The way i see it is that it’s for the photos that would normally be deleted if you took them on your phone, that’s what’s so different about it.

The cameras are disposable, that’s one of the best things about it all. They don’t have good lenses or film in them so the photos won’t look amazing but that’s what makes them special. I don’t care if they are thrown around or dropped or even used by some random at a party to take selfies with.  That’s what it’s there for, to be used and to have a good time, not to mess about with Instagram filters and retake the same photo until everybody is happy with it. The photo is taken and then life goes on, you can’t Facebook it or put it on Instagram straight away so it doesn’t ruin the moment.

When you go and get the film developed and you pick up the grainy 6×4 prints and you have no idea what the photos are going to be of it just makes it all worth it. Flicking through them for the first time is just a great experience, it’s something i think everybody should do at least once. You get to relive all the memories from the past few weeks or months that you might’ve forgotten about otherwise. Who cares if some of the photos are blurry or overexposed it just adds to the aesthetic of them, it makes them significant. Well to me it does anyway.

Here’s some of my favourite disposable pictures from the past few months.

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