Disposable 1.2

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So it’s been a busy month. I went to Kendal Calling and Leeds Festival. Oh i also turned 19 but let’s forget about that. It’s really not been a boring month, one of the best months i’ve had all year… i think. That’s all probably got something to do with it being s0 different and all my plans were really last minute. You have just got to throw the rational side of your brain out the window and just go for it sometimes. Since i’ve been quite busy i’ve went through a couple of disposable cameras (as always) so here are some of the best pictures from them!


CNV00004 CNV00009

CNV00010CNV00001 10636019_737590006302972_7648193115120539243_nCNV00018 CNV00021CNV00016 CNV00023CNV0001710622869_737590092969630_6179788778306533213_nCNV00025CNV00005CNV00022CNV00037CNV00024CNV00021 (2)



thatmckDisposable 1.2