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What I Use To Shoot – My Camera Gear.

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To a lot of people the following post might be irrelevant and boring. But for most if not some, I hope it is rather interesting. I will be showing you what I use to create content. My camera gear, the equipment I use on a daily basis. Without this stuff my blog would be nothing. I would be nothing. Well, that was a bit extreme but you get the idea.

So this is the equipment I use to shoot. This is all of it. Sure I borrow equipment from time to time. For instance I took these photos on a borrowed Canon 70d with 50mm 1.5. But that’s not the point. The point is 95% of the time that’s all I use. It is not insanely expensive equipment and I pride myself on that. I use what is available to me at the time with the money I have available.

Camera Gear

For nearly all of the photos featured on this blog I almost always use the Mirrorless Sony A6000. I picked up this camera at the start of 2015 and I haven’t looked back. I initially chose the Sony over a conventional DSLR through use, after borrowing several DSLRs I found I just wasn’t using them. I came to the conclusion it was the weight and size of them. I am more comfortable with a smaller more compact camera and with the a6000 I wasn’t losing out on the quality I was after.

For the most part of last year I was stuck shooting on the 16-50mm Kit lens. Towards the end of last year though I purchased a cheap Sony E to Pentax K mount adapter to utilise a Centon 50mm 1.7 lens, from an old film camera I had lying around. Unfortunately since taking the photos you can see in this post, this lens has ceased to exist. It locked up and won’t budge. I absolutely adored this lens and for the time I had it, it was my go to lens. Sure the fact it was a 50mm was annoying at times, but the look and flair to the images I could produce with the lens was a real winner.

In my relentless job hunt I was pitched with a brief to create a short video and do product shots for a company. To complete this I opted to borrow the 50mm 1.5 Canon lens that I used to shoot the above photos. To use the lens on my Sony I bought yet another adapter. This time a cheap Sony E to Canon EOS mount and it worked wonderfully. I even got the job!

Camera Gear March 2016-6 Camera Gear March 2016-4
When I am not shooting on my Sony I am on my Olympus Trip 35. A camera I have featured heavily on this blog since I got my hands on it, so I won’t go into to much detail on it. For a camera you can pick up for as little as £10 I highly, highly recommend picking one up.

Lastly the Fujifilm Instax 200 was a gift from my brilliant girlfriend last Christmas. I could not love it anymore if I tried. Instax cameras were always something I was interested in but would never buy myself. So I am very happy to finally have one. Although I tend not to use it often, it is an invaluable piece of gear and I am so glad to have one.

It was only in January I decided it was time to finally pick a tripod of my own up. After “Borrowing” a small crappy one from my work for months on end I decided it was time. I picked up this Brand New Manfrotto 390B tripod on Ebay for around £20. As far as I am aware this model has not been on the market for years, but a bargain is a bargain. It is a bit stiff though; I guess that is to do with the years of sitting and not being used.

Camera Gear March 2016-2 Camera Gear March 2016-4 Camera Gear March 2016-3

The other bits and bobs I feel that it is only right to mention. All my postproduction is done on my Macbook Pro. I run all my photos through Lightroom CS5 and back everything up to an external hard-drive. Nothing too special but it is part of the process after all. The only thing left to mention is the remote for my Sony. Yeah, just a remote. That’s it, I don think I really need to write anything about that, so I wont bother.

So that is my Camera Gear, This is what I use to shoot. It is not thousands of pounds worth of gear but it works for me. You don’t need fancy equipment to produce quality content. Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments below.


thatmckWhat I Use To Shoot – My Camera Gear.