A weekend in Glencoe.

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A weekend in Glencoe.

I spent this past weekend lost in Glencoe surrounding myself with some great people and even greater views. It was a lovely weekend spent camping and exploring this magical place. I am not going to lie but there wasn't a lot of exploring due too being too hungover on the only full day we spent there, but I have nobody to blame for that but myself. 

The majority of the exploring consisted of a short wander near the Three Sisters. Short being the key word there as after around an hour our collective hangover took hold. Luckily for us it was one of the best days of the year, April showers were nowhere in sight. We spent the remainder of our time there in the wake of the beauty that surrounded us. Laying in the sun and absorbing as much of the view that was humanly possible.

Below are the photos I got from our time spent in Glencoe. Not as many images as I would have liked to have gotten but I'm holding out for when I get my 35mm from the trip processed. 


thatmckA weekend in Glencoe.