Owl John.

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Last minute plans always end result in some of the best nights out, Tuesday night was no exception. A while back I heard that Scott from Frightened Rabbit was going to be releasing some solo stuff under the name Owl John. As a big Frabbit fan I got rather excited at this announcement. A few weeks later I heard that he was doing a small tour, just various little dates here and there and well I just had to grab a ticket. Well that’s where there was a problem, I never got a ticket… I completely forgot to get one when they went on sale. When I realised they were sold out I tried everything I could to get one but I was having no luck. I had lost all hope until Monday night when I somehow got into an argument with my friend about how she could’ve got me tickets. Long story short she just happened to go onto ticket master and there was somehow still tickets left. Well after about 30 seconds there was a ticket reserved at the box office for me to collect the next night.

Tuesday turned out to be a lot more stressful than I first thought it would be. I was at work until 5, Doors for the gig was at 7 and first support was half 7 so I had a tight schedule. I was going to just stay through in Edinburgh after work, just kill some time but my car was still at the train station so I couldn’t drink. So me in my alcoholic nature wasn’t happy about this, I mean a gig without a drink just isn’t the same eh? The plan was for me to catch my regular train at 5:05, run to my car and drop it back at home, get changed and make dinner before getting a lift back to the train station for 6:30. Surprisingly I actually made it with time to spare, although by the time I got to Edinburgh I was a sweaty mess. I met an old friend that I hadn’t seen for months at the Cab Vol before heading down to The Caves (The name of the venue, not just some random caves). Since my train was running a bit late kelvin had already had about 4 vodkas so I had a bit of catching up to do.

I really didn’t know what to expect when it came to the venue, I know it wouldn’t be massive though. It has got to be one of the nicest venues I have ever been too. It was pretty small, not too small that it felt like you were in somebody’s living room but it was still pretty small. It just seemed really rustic, there was a small balcony area covered in fairy lights. With the high ceiling and the exposed brick it sort of felt like an old church or something. At £3.90 for a bottle of Corona it wasn’t the cheapest but in Edinburgh it’s to be expected. I had a couple of those while we watched the support acts, the incredibly good support acts I should say.

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Phillip from Paws was one of the support acts. I have heard of Paws but never actually listened to them and after hearing a drunk Kelvin going on about how good they are my expectations were pretty high. Even with just Phillip playing a handful of songs by himself I instantly fell in love. If you have never listened to Paws I would highly recommend them. All day today (the day after) I have literally just been listening to both there Albums, I really don’t think there is a bad song on either of them. The set he played couldn’t have been more than ten songs but it was still pretty incredible.  There is just such a good sound to songs, pretty unique which is hard to come by these days.

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The main reason we were there though was for Scott, or Owl John whatever you prefer. He came on around half eight to do is own sound check and what not then around fifteen minutes later appeared with a whisky  ready for the show. It was such an amazing atmosphere. I don’t think there was one person in that whole room that never sang at least once during the night. He never had a set list and just decided to play what he wanted to and then asked us what we wanted to hear him play. Only four Owl John songs were played the whole night and the rest of set was just Frabbit stuff. Nobody was complaining though. It felt more than just a gig, it all felt so real. I know that doesn’t really mean anything but that’s the only way I can describe it. I mean at a normal gig you don’t usually get little stories about the first only time he ever punched somebody. Never mind forgetting the lyrics to one of your new songs and taking 3 attempts throughout the night to try and play it. Unconventional is the way I would describe it and that is just what I like. I think that’s why I had such a good time last night. Not by the fact Frightened Rabbit are one of my favourite bands or even the fact I was pretty drunk. Just by the simple fact it wasn’t normal, it wasn’t rushed, it was just like listening to one of your mates play the guitar at a party. Not that annoying cunt that can just play Oasis though.

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It was probably my favourite gigs to date. I would go to a really rowdy gig at the Barrowlands any day but see once in a while I think you need a gig like this. It was nothing fancy or over the top and I wasn’t surrounded by people that only knew one song, just fans that love the music and wanted to have a good time.


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