March ’15 Playlist.

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Track List –

  1. Skinny Blues // Jeremy Loops
  2. Cucurucu // Nick Mulvey
  3. Beg, Steal or Borrow // Babyshambles
  4. Lost You // Zeds Dead, Twin Shadow, Di Angelo Lacy
  5. Skinny Love // Bon Iver
  6. We Can Make The World Stop // The Glitch Mob
  7. Outlines // Mike Mago, Dragonette
  8. Bow // Kasabian
  9. Let It Happen // Tame Impala
  10. Never Awake // Drenge
  11. REALiTi // Grimes
  12. Psycho // Muse
  13. Drop Outs // Menace Beach
  14. Swear Jar // Milk Teeth


As I hope most of you know my playlists aren’t specially made so the tracks flow into one another. They are just a compilation of the songs I have been listening to the most over the past month. But it’s been another one of those months where even I’m confused at what I have been listening to. It’s so widely varied I am sure there will be something for everybody in here.

One song I would highly recommend though would be “REALiTi” by Grimes. Now I am not a huge Grimes fan. I like the odd song here and there but this track really stood out to me. It’s such a laid back song but still somehow managing to be upbeat and full of energy. Even though it was originally a scrapped song from her new album the unfinished and unpolished state of the song really makes it what it is.

This sort of rough electronic sound continues into Tame Impalas Newest Single “Let It Happen”. When it was released I had it on repeat nearly all day. Being almost eight minutes in length it is such a powerful song, it’s like a constant climax. This being the first glimpse of how the new album will sound I am incredibly excited for it.

I hope you like the playlist this month, Let me know what you have been listening to this month in the comments below!




thatmckMarch ’15 Playlist.