Lust Of The Libertines.

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You know the feeling that you get when you are surrounded by thousands of fans at a gig. Like I actually mean fans, the ones that managed to get a ticket to a gig that sold out almost instantly. It is almost as if you are surrounded by thousands of friends, Friends that you have known every day of your life. Every single person around you has lived entirely different lives; everybody has their own paths, their own troubles and their own futures. But in this moment all that is forgotten. We are all friends. We are all Libertines.


I never thought that day would come where I could say I have seen the Libertines live. Nor did I ever imagine the day where I would be listening to a new album from them. Those days have come and gone but the enjoyment has stuck around with no sings of it disappearing anytime soon.

The chemistry of Pete and Carl is definitely back but who knows how long this will last and how far they will go. The fans are as much a part of the band as Gary or John and I feel like that will always be the case. ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ has only further proven this. Although the cracks of the past are apparent throughout, each song goes from strength to strength. There is simply not a bad track on the album. Then I would argue that there are no bad Libertines tracks at all.


I wrote this post back when Anthems for Doomed Youth was initially released but for some obscure reason I never got round to posting it. I thought it was a nice little post to share so here it is.


thatmckLust Of The Libertines.