London and the Libertines.

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London. One of my favourite cities in the world. Well I’ve not travelled much so it’s up there. It’s such a wonderful and diverse place with so much going on around you it’s pretty hard to take it all in at first. But it’s one of those things you just really have to embrace and be a part of it. The last time I went down was last September and I never really knew what to expect. I just sort of felt like a proper outsider, a tourist if you will. I wasn’t prepared for it at all.

A few months ago me and a few of my friends bought tickets to go and see The Libertines at Hyde Park. We never really thought it through at the time, everything seemed irrelevant since we were getting to see a band we thought we would never get to see. Travel, accommodation and spending money was all forgotten about until about a month before actually going. We aren’t the smartest bunch. So with that little time left we ended up on the Megabus to London (9 fucking hours on a bus) and in some random hostel in Shepards Bush which was £60 each for the two nights but everything else was packed or too expensive… Oh well.

We got into London on Friday morning at around 8am, just in time for rush hour (that was fun). It was a lot easier to get to the hostel than we first thought it would be. But thanks to me not reading the booking properly we had to wait until two to actually get into the room. This wasn’t too bad since we still had to wait for the third member of our group turning up as well. It was around 28 degrees on Friday and it was amazing, the best weather of the year although I was wearing black spray on skinny jeans, an all-black t-shirt and black hightops. I really didn’t expect the weather to be just that great so I was horribly sweaty and uncomfortable all day. Finally when we actually got into the room we all passed out for a couple of hours and when we woke up alcohol was in order. After picking up a few drinks we sat out on this wee communal balcony outside out room. It was nice and relaxing and it was good to just relax with a few mates. Later on we headed out around the city to be the typical tourists, we walked up the embankment for a while before heading back to the hostel.


Pretty much as soon as we woke up on the Saturday we started drinking. It’s the only thing to do when you are going to a gig is it not? I had to try and cool of my beers in the sink since there is nothing worse than warm beer. Hyde parks a big place. It is a lot bigger than we had anticipated and we actually struggled to navigate our way to the gig but eventually finally found it.  For the first time in my life I got searched at the entrance and my hipflask got taken of so I was left paying a fiver a pint for shitty fosters. That didn’t stop me from spending £80ish though. We met up with a group of people we normally go to gigs with up here so it was like a mini Scottish family. Everybody just sort of knows each other from Twitter/Instagram and we’ve all just bonded through gigs. We watched the Enemy, im not there biggest fan and know about three songs but it was a pretty decent crowd. The rest of the day was spent going from the bar to the “charoplanes” where we were all sitting. I met some pretty cool people as well like, Natasha. She somehow recognised me from Instagram and came over sat and spoke for a few hours and then she just sort of disappeared.

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The Main reason for this whole trip was the Libertines though. Incredible. That’s the only way I can describe it. The whole experience was just so surreal, 60 thousand people in this tiny arena. I’ve been to some rough crowds in my time and this wasn’t one of them, this was just over filled. Too many people in this one place. That became apparent during the second song when the show got stopped as people were getting crushed. It proceeded to get stopped another three times for the same reason and people climbing the delay towers… Other than that like I said it was an incredible gig. I left the crowd probably around ten songs in, I really couldn’t handle the crowd any longer. I wandered away trying to get a shitty pint but instead was left with shitty cider since they ran out of been apparently. I watched the rest of the gig from just outside the like main sort of group of people. It wasn’t how I would’ve liked to watch the gig but the crowd was unbearable. All in all they played 23 songs and each and every one was amazing. At the end of the day it was well worth the travel down to see them!


The Sunday was spent reminiscing about then night before. Oh and killing time. Our Coach was booked for half ten at night so we had all day to do what we wanted in London. That sounds like the best day ever right? The whole of London for the day to do whatever you want ? Nah well my friends never thought they needed money and were both absolutely skint so the day was spent wandering around finding random places to sit about. I suppose it was a good day it could’ve been worse. I would have loved to have had my pennyboard with me though, that would’ve made the day a hell of a lot more interesting.

What can I say? I had an amazing weekend with a few of my best mates and got to see one of my favourite bands. I’m already planning my next trip back down, I can’t wait.

London. It was a pleasure.


thatmckLondon and the Libertines.
  • I seriously love your blog Andrew – you take some awesome photos and you have the best music taste (which is obviously a deal breaker). I wanted to go this this gig so badly but exams interfered which was pretty crap to say the least – I am so jealous. I also went to Leeds like you though which was insane 🙂
    Keep up the good work X

    • Ah thank you ever so much Lucy i’m glad you like it! You take some pretty incredible photos your self, yeah i’m glad we are at an understanding that music taste is a deal breaker. That sucks so much though, it was an incredible night, one which i wont forget in a hurry. We probably ran into each other at some point at Leeds, it wouldn’t surprise me. Thanks ever so much though! 🙂 x