Laura Marling at the Caves.

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Last week I had the enormous pleasure of being in the presence of Laura marling at a very special and intimate show at the Caves in Edinburgh. Now I am going to say right at the start of this that I’m not a massive fan. I used to be but not anymore, I will openly admit I haven’t really listened to any of her work in about three years. I normally hate people that go to gigs for the sake of it when they aren’t big fans. I feel like it ruins the night, you can tell these people just aren’t enjoying the night. But this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So I guess I hated myself for that one night.

With the upcoming release of her fifth studio album, four club shows were announced. The tickets were only available through literally a lottery which I would never have known about if it wasn’t for my friend saying he managed to get two tickets. If you read my post from last year “Owl John” you will know how much I loved the venue. This was part of the reason I wanted to go to this show. The other was the fact that Laura can sell out places like the Usher Hall (well I am pretty sure she has) and seeing her in such a confined space with only about 200 people was something I refused to miss.


I adore Laura Marling, or I used to anyway. She’s has got one of the nicest voices I have ever heard and in person it only gets nicer. My musical taste may have changed in the past few years but it still doesn’t take away from joy of finally seeing her live.  Well I say the word “seeing” lightly as I spent the majority of the night looking at the backs of people’s heads. I’m not a small person but with the mass of people in the tiny venue it was a bit difficult to see. I was lucky to see a bit of forehead or a nose.

The music was lovely, but the crowd was dead. Even Laura commented on it at the end of the night saying it was eerily quiet. This left me a bit bored; standing looking at the backs of people’s heads is never going to be fun no matter how good the music is. I ended up wandering back and forward to the bar several times just to give me something to do. Moving from downstairs to upstairs not only to try and get a better view but just so I could move around a little.

That said it was a really good night and I did enjoy myself even if it is no longer my cup of tea. It’s good to just go out and do something or see something you wouldn’t normally do. Or even relive a bit of your past like I done, who knows how your night will pan out. Oh and I’d like to apologise for the poor pictures, trying to get a good photo in amongst that crowd was a nightmare


thatmckLaura Marling at the Caves.
  • Rebecca

    the caves is a lovely venue 🙂 Sounds like it was such a lovely gig! 🙂 Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

    • I know right, i think it is my favourite venue ever! it was simply wonderful, thanks for the comment Rebecca.

      Andrew x