Frightened Rabbit At The Art School

Frightened Rabbit (Footshooters) at The Art School.

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What do you get when you combine Frightened Rabbit and a secret gig? A fucking good night, that’s what. A few hundred dedicated fans, all singing along in one room. It just doesn’t get much better than that does it?

It was only a week or two beforehand the long awaited 5th album “Painting of a Panic Attack” was announced. Accompanied by a short run of shows in April, which I promptly bought tickets for. Out of the blue one Friday morning I woke up to see several tweets about Frightened Rabbit playing a secret gig. From that moment on I was instantly on the hunt. How did these people find out? What’s the news? Where are the clues? For the love of god will somebody please tell me? Overall I was a tad dramatic in my sleep-ridden state and managed to grab some tickets for Footshooters playing a show at the Art School in Glasgow the following week.

Frightened Rabbit At The Art School Frightened Rabbit At The Art SchoolFrightened Rabbit Olympus Trip 35 B&W March 2016-4

I never thought a band would mean so much to me. I’ve spoken about how their lyrics speak to me in a way I never thought was possible before. After that night they only mean so much more to me. Fuelled by cheap whiskey it was an unforgettable night. Made even more unforgettable by the photos I managed to get. I purposely bought my first roll of black and white film for the night. Five pounds well spent in my eyes.

As good as they were though I was disappointed with the length of the set. Sure it was a secret gig but I expected more. An hour set is nothing and it is over in a blink of an eye. Maybe I was expecting too much and that is why at first I felt a bit let down. In this situation I decided it would be best to take it at face value. Spending the night with my girlfriend and drunkenly singing along to my favourite band. Forgetting all my troubles and everything going on outside. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else, with anybody else.


thatmckFrightened Rabbit (Footshooters) at The Art School.