Field Day, London, 2015.

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Field Day is a festival I never imagined I would attended. One thing led to another and several conversations and a plane ticket later I found myself eagerly awaiting the 6th of June. Situated in the heart of London in the very beautiful Victoria Park. It’s now in its 9th year running and has been growing steadily every year since its inception. My Girlfriend Bridie, and I headed into London on the Saturday Morning with high hopes and sleep in our eyes.

The weather could not have been better for the weekend. If it were any warmer I doubt my body would have been able to handle it, being Scottish and all. After sitting in a little park drinking vodka for a few hours it was time to head into the arena with clashfinders in hand. These never really helped much as we missed a few people we really wanted to see and stupidly never used our free time to check other artists out. We got lost several times and spent the majority of our first couple of hour’s queuing for food/drink and the toilets. That is to be expected though, would it really be a festival without them?

Overall it was an incredible weekend. Although I missed a few people I would really have loved to see, I still saw some acts I never thought I would ever get the opportunity to see. Making the decision of who to go and see on Saturday night was painful enough. Caribou or Sylvan Esso, We chose Sylvan Esso and although my opinion will probably sway back and forth of who we should have seen I still think we made the right choice. We did see a couple of songs from Caribou before drunkenly trekking over to see Sylvan Esso. From what I saw I can tell it would have been an incredible set.

Mac Demarco stole the show for me. An artist I have never really listened to before I knew he was going to be at Field day. Over the weeks he slowly began to grow on me and I am glad we decided to see him. He really knows how to get the crowd going. I do wish we were standing more central to the stage to have seen him as this would have only improved the experience. It is also worth mentioning that he performed the most impressive stage dive at the end of his set. Truly commendable.

I keep trying to think of whom we saw over the course of the weekend but this short measly list is all I can muster. Chet Faker, Savages, Gengahr, Caribou, Sylvan Esso, Spring King, Diiv and Mac Demarco. I rest assure there are more I just cannot think at the present time. Well I hope there are more anyway.

Overall, I had an incredible weekend regardless of whom I did and didn’t see. The weather and the company made it even better than I could have imagined. If the weather was not in our favour, I think my opinion of would be drastically different. See you next year Field Day, Maybe.

Have you got any festival coming up this summer? let me know in the comments below!

Photos Shot on 35mm Disposable.

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thatmckField Day, London, 2015.
  • See: how to make the most of a disposable camera, AKA these pictures. ♥ Sounds like a spectacular weekend full of ear-to-ear smiles and good memories!

  • See: how to make the most of a disposable camera, AKA these pictures. ♥ Sounds like a spectacular weekend full of ear-to-ear smiles and good memories!