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Festivals aren’t my usual sort of scene. I would never have thought years ago that I would be going to or even thinking of going to one. I mean sure I love gigs and seeing so many amazing artists over the one weekend while being constantly drunk sounds pretty great to me, but I don’t do camping. I have never really camped before, I’m sort of a clean freak. I need to have a shower as soon as I wake up in the morning. I need to do my hair before I do anything else etc. it’s just weird, I’m just weird. Over the last few years the thought of going to festivals has become more appealing in my head. I think it’s got something to do with the way I’m looking at things now. Do things for the experience, who cares if it all goes to shit. It’s worked out pretty well for me and I have done some pretty great things because of it. I have had the chance to go to T in the Park several times, simply because it is pretty much half an hour away from where I live but something always gets in my way. For instance this year I had to sell my ticket to pay for my road tax. Oh the joys of owning a car. Or there was the year before when I just simply couldn’t afford to get a ticket. It is an all-round crap weekend when it’s on because literally 90% of my friends go to it each year so there’s nothing to back home. There’s nothing to do at the best of times to be fair.

A few months ago a couple of my good friends were asked to play at Kendal Calling. It’s a really small festival that nobody has ever really heard of, well except the people from the surrounding areas. Not many big acts play there and I could probably list the people I knew on one hand, maybe two at a push. I got asked to come along and help with the equipment well I think so anyway, I’m not really sure why I got asked to come along. It led to a very eventful weekend though. My friends got to play twice which was a surprise and also a struggle as it was pretty last minute on the Friday. They were all really fucked after drinking all day they still but still managed to play really well.

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This was my first festival experience, even though it was small and I literally only saw Craig Charles DJ the whole weekend it was good and a really bizarre weekend. I mean on the Thursday morning when I got in the car I was greeted by a massive metal peacock (Phil Kitchel) only then for the trip down to Kendal to last seven hours when it should’ve only taken two. To top it off I somehow drank nearly 30 cans of beer on the Thursday night and that was all the alcohol I brought to last the weekend but weirdly i still managed to get drunk every night. The two guys that camped next to us Tomo and Robo (I think it was that, just two really stereotypical English nicknames) turned out to be pretty sound and just joined our small group for the weekend. We met a lot of other people too, I can’t remember a lot of their names due to me being incredible drunk the whole weekend. It was a good weekend but would have been even better if it was actually sunny and warmer, instead it was pretty much constantly raining. So you can just think of the mud and i had no wellies. I actually thought I got trench foot at one point. All in all though it was a good weekend despite the weather, the lack of alcohol and the fact we left early and I missed my favourite band.

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I thought that was it. My festival experiences over until next year. Apparently not. Somehow one of my work friends Martin has convinced me to go to Leeds festival with him and his friends in two weeks. To get things straight I have literally known Martin around two maybe three weeks. I said yes, it’s all about the experience eh? One of the other deciding factors in me getting a ticket to is the fact that I’m going to finally meet one of my best friends Mollie. We have spoke for the past two nearly three years and im just excited to finally meet her and in what better setting than at Leeds Festival!  It’s all the weekend after my birthday and I think this is a really good birthday present to myself.

I am going to be a lot better prepared for Leeds than I was for Kendal. For a start im buying wellies, taking a lot more alcohol and taking less unnecessary crap in my bag. Let’s just hope the weather gets better eh?

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