February ’15 Playlist.

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Track List –

  1. Take Ü There // Jack Ü ft. Kiesza
  2. Twelve Feet Deep // The Front Bottoms
  3. Nine is God // Wavves
  4. No Way Out // Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel
  5. Sunday // Creepoid
  6. What Kind of Man // Florence + the Machine
  7. Outlines // Mike Mago, Dragonette
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday // U2
  9. A Part Of Me // Neck Deep ft. Laura Whiteside
  10. Warm Foothills // alt-j
  11. Kidnap Me // Kruiser
  12. Lisse // KAASI
  13. Wild Frontier // The Prodigy
  14. Sleep Tonight // The Maccabees


Another month has been and gone and oh what a month it has been. Although it has been such a short month so many things have happened. I have been working extremely hard on other projects I simply have not had the time to write as much as I’d like to. As always music has been way of keeping my sanity the last few weeks.

Wavves are not a band that I listen to a lot, nor are they a band that I could list of a few of their songs to you. Nine is God stood out to me though; it has that rough sound to it that I seem to seek out in a lot of what I listen to. There is something about it that just reminds me of a warm summer’s day and with this miserable weather we have been having recently no wonder I have been listening to it nonstop.

I literally only heard Wild Frontier when I was driving home from work last night. This is the second single from The Prodigy’s new album and with any other Prodigy song its right in your face. It doesn’t mess about and it jumps right into it. I wish this was released earlier in the month because it would have kept me going, at least I can still appreciate it now very early on a Wednesday morning.

Lastly I want to speak about The Maccabees. Without a doubt one of my favourite bands, I honestly don’t know how I can turn what I feel about this band into words. Sleep Tonight is well worth a listen, it encapsulates everything great about the band. It’s only a B-Side but as with most bands they are always little treasures.


thatmckFebruary ’15 Playlist.
  • Nik

    Any playlist with alt-J on it has me sold. I’m listening to it right now – you have a brilliant music taste.


    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

    • Thanks so much, i never know how my playlists will turn out because my music taste is so varied but i am glad you enjoy it!