Drenge at the Classic Grand.

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Drenge are undoubtedly one of my favourite bands. Luckily for me I had the pleasure of going along to see them on Tuesday night (14th April) in Glasgow. Despite the fact I would class Drenge as being one of my favourite bands I have only seen them live once. This was briefly at Leeds Festival last year and if truth be told I have very little recognition of it. I had the chance to see them a few years ago when they were supporting Peace while playing in Glasgow. I stupidly decided to sit outside when they were playing to finish my drink. Idiot.

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With the recently release of Undertow I was looking forward to seeing them a fair amount. In spite of it only being April I think this could be a contender for my favourite album of the year. Frankly there is just not a bad song on it. Each track is solid and they have found the perfect balance throughout.  Seeing a band like Drenge in a small venue like the Classic Grand can usually go one of two ways. It can either be the worst gig of your life. The crowd standing around shuffling feet with the odd person head banging. Or it can kick off and erupt into a mess of flaring arms and pounding feet. Luckily on Tuesday it was the Latter. Kicking off with “Running Wild” the crowd was set off. This was the start of an amazing set that ran something like this –

  1. Running Wild
  2. Side By Side
  3. Gun Crazy
  4. Nothing
  5. The Snake
  6. Backwaters
  7. We Can Do What We Want
  8. I Wanna Break You In Half
  9. Bloodsports
  10. Favourite Son
  11. Undertow
  12. Standing In the Cold
  13. Never Awake
  14. Face Like a Skull
  15. Fuckabout
  16. Let’s Pretend


Now I was rather under the influence throughout this gig so I don’t know if that was the actual Set list but it looks right enough anyway. It was utterly incredible. One of the best gigs I have been to in recent months. But I do have one complaint the show. This has got nothing to do with Drenge but the crowd. It was such a self-centred selfish crowd, nobody cared for each other. It was a fairly rough gig and I was floored twice. Fair enough that happens at gigs, but to be on the floor being trampled to only have one or two people help you get back up is ridiculous. If you see someone on the floor you get them back up. It’s simple etiquette.

Drenge played flawlessly and if you ever get the chance I would highly recommend seeing them. It was a brilliant show just a shame about the crowd. Have you ever seen them? Let me know in the comments below!

thatmckDrenge at the Classic Grand.