December Playlist

December Playlist.

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Track List –

  1. This much I care // Skaters
  2. Peach // The Front Bottoms
  3. Eagle Eyes // Felix Jaehn, Lost Frequencies, Linying
  4. Past Lives // Diiv
  5. This Is Not A Game // The Chemical Brothers, Miguel
  6. The Feast and The Famine // Foo Fighters
  7. 22 // Moderat
  8. City Of Dreadful Night // Biffy Clyro
  9. Anti-Lover // Satellite Stories
  10. Gasoline // Alpine
  11. A Thing For Me // Metronomy
  12. War Of The Worlds // Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
  13. Drown // Bring Me The Horizon
  14. Placid Acid // Tourist

This month is like no other. It’s the last playlist of the year. Fortunately for you it is not packed with Christmas songs. I wouldn’t make you suffer like that, you can thank me later. At the start of the month I was actually worrying because I wasn’t listening to as much music as I would have liked. Throughout the month though it has started to build up.

Not a lot of really new stuff in here most of its stuff I have just came across when browsing Spotify. As I’m pretty sure I have said before it helps to pass the time at work. I would highly recommend checking out the new Hunger Games soundtrack it is well worth checking out. Diplos new album F10rida is pretty out there as well and I would suggest you give that a listen.

One of the songs I’d like to highlight on the playlist would be Drown by Bring me the Horizon.  I’ve been patiently waiting for this to be put up onto Spotify ever since I first heard it mid-November. I’m not a big BMTH fan, I literally like around two or three songs but Drown has really stood out to me. I just love the sound and direction they are heading in with this. For once I am actually rather looking forward to hearing more new tracks from them.

Placid Acid by Tourist has also got to have a mention in here. I came across it the other day when one of my friends added a Tourist song to her playlist. I dont think i have ever heard of Tourist But i’m really liking the sound. There’s just something about  this song though that stood out to me. Another one of they songs that just makes me want to dance. I’m sure it will make you want to as well.


thatmckDecember Playlist.