August/September Playlist.

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Track List –

  1. My Head Is a Jungle // Wankelmut, Emma Louise
  2. This Song Is Not About a Girl // Flume, Chet Faker
  3. Ten Tonne Skeleton // Royal Blood
  4. Prayer In C // Lilly Wood, Robin Schulz
  5. Every Other Freckle // alt-J
  6. Young Chasers // Circa Waves
  7. Giving It All // Bondax
  8. All Under One Roof Raving // Jamie xx
  9. Los Angeles, Be Kind // Owl John
  10. Owls Talons Clenching My Heart // Paws

So back in May (technically June) I decided I was going to start putting out post every month of what I’ve been listening too. As you may have seen I never really kept that up did i?  Well today when I was sitting at work yah know “working” I was going through my Spotify favourites and i thought it would be a good idea to give it another go. I don’t really know where to begin really, as always my music taste is all over the place. It doesn’t really help much that my mind is still on Leeds mode, 3 weeks later and I still can’t seem to get out of it.

I have been a big fan of dance music for a while now and well the majority of my playlist is made up of it. To be fair I don’t think I would really class it as dance music, I think it’s more House? I’m actually not sure, but let’s just go with that I’m sure somebody will correct me if I’m wrong. The only way I can describe it is being a lot more chilled, starting with “My Head is a Jungle” and then later there is ”Prayer In C” These two songs go hand in hand in my mind.

Also in there we have a bit of Flume. I’m still surprised at how relatively unknown he is, barely anybody has heard of him. I have many a drunken memory of just shouting Flume in people’s faces at Leeds only to get dumfounded look back. To be fair that’s probably an adequate response for a random Scottish person shouting Flume in your face. Since coming back from Leeds I have had to shove on at least a couple of his songs a day. There is just something about the sound that I find so unique and unlike anything else that I’ve heard.

Moving away from the Dance/House/Whatever you want to call it music there’s Royal Blood. They were relatively low key until the recent release of their debut album “Royal Blood” but since then they have gained a lot of well-deserved publicity and gained a lot of new fans.  I don’t think there is a bad song on the album but Ten Tonne Skeleton has to be my favourite, it’s so punchy and In your face. Then again most of the songs are but this one just stands out.

In amongst the shambles that I decided to make into a playlist there is a few “indier” songs in there too. “Los Angeles, Be Kind” by Owl John has been a firm favourite since I first heard it a couple of months ago. I wouldn’t say it’s an emotional song but you can definitely hear the emotion in Scott’s (Owl John) voice while singing. The song just seems to resonate with me. That’s one of the many reasons why I am such a big Frightened Rabbit fan. With all the songs they sing you hear the passion in his voice. Which makes them stand out from the crowd as you can just tell they love what they do.

Anyway that’s pretty much a short summary of the songs I have been listening to the past couple of weeks. I think that these are some of perfect songs for listening to as summer turns to autumn. Making the most of out those last summer nights. I might actually keep this up this time and do one of these every month. Well if I actually listen to some new stuff next month, who knows what will happen?



thatmckAugust/September Playlist.