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It’s that impossible question. The one no one knows how to answer. What’s your favourite….? I usually hate these sort of questions because it’s usually impossible to narrow down to that one that’s your favourite. No matter how much they vary. From movies to music or foods and cars, everything in those lists will mean a different thing to you. It came up in a casual conversation a few weeks ago “What’s your favourite album?” and I couldn’t answer. I thought of three instantly and couldn’t chose which one was the best. I’m sure if I was to think for longer I could think of another three or four. Threes a good number. I like three. So here at those albums that came to mind. These are the albums that I just love inside and out.

Frightened Rabbit – The Midnight Organ Fight (2008)
I don’t know when I first heard of Frightened Rabbit, it must have been around 2009/2010. Just one of those bands that sort of appeared, lingered around for a bit. The Midnight Organ Fight was the first album I heard I know that much. Listening to the odd track here or there not thinking much of it then out of nowhere it hits you. Shit I love this band. I mean Christ I have a Frightened Rabbit tattoo. I have memories of listening to this album when I was on holiday with my family, just sitting in a pub writing the lyrics down on a beermat. Or quickly burning a cd to play in the car when I was getting dragged along to go shopping. I know the album inside and out, the lyrics are the best bit. They always are with Frabbit songs. I feel like the album is like a book and each song is a short story. I suppose you could say that about any album though but I feel for this one it’s different. This albums been with me throughout the last couple of years through the good and the bad.  That’s what makes me feel like I can relate to the songs and the sincerness of Scott’s voice.


Bombay Bicycle Club – I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose (2009)
This album is my feel good album. Whenever it’s on instantly put in an amazing mood. I’m eager and looking forward to life. Go on road trips. Be productive. Have a good time. Again I have no clue when I first heard this album but I have vivid memories of listening to it late summer of 2011/2012. I had a thing for longboards. Not that I could skate but I had a passion to get one and learn. I was poor so that didn’t happen. But I spent so many summer nights, with the sky on fire as the sun was setting trying to find the perfect longboard, with this album on repeat in the background. I feel like this album is the foundation for everything I believe in now. Like I said it’s spurred me on to go traveling and have a good time. Make the most of life and take everything as it comes. I’ve no idea why I relate this album to travelling or having a good time I just do. The album is so easy to listen to, I tend to shove it on while at work and just power through what I’m doing. It is honestly that all round amazing album it’s got everything.


Flume – Flume (2012)
I fucking Love Flume. I think all my friends know that by now. Just incredible. I started listening to this album probably around a year ago now when I first started getting into dance/house music. It’s a pretty unique sound that stretches across the whole album. It’s got a good “groove” to it. It’s like my go to album for when I am getting ready to go out on a night out. The album holds up so well. Usually with dance tracks/artist I get bored really quickly but over a year on and it’s still great. I can think of a few occasions in the summer driving around listening to this from begging to end. Or when I was at Leeds Festival and saw him live. Now that’s a memory I won’t forget. I have a lot of good memories of this album, mostly from nights up or parties. Well what I can remember of them. It’s that album that just makes me want to dance.



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