The Two Types of Photos.

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There are two types of photos. Well In my mind there are anyway. They are nothing special or great. Just two types of photos I really like taking. I’m not saying they are masterpieces or the best photos I have ever taken but it’s just a recurring theme.

So you will probably be wondering what the Types of photos are. Well to put it bluntly they are Photos of the sky and Photos of my Feet. Now that sounds like an odd combination, well it is but that’s beside the point. So if you have followed me on Instagram for a while you while you might have picked up on this. I have actually tried to stop myself from posting them because I was doing it so often.

Taking pictures of the sky is so satisfying because it is literally so easy. Most of the pictures I have found myself taking have been during Golden Hour. If you don’t know what that is it’s pretty much the time just before the sunrises or sunset. This is when the light is less harsh and closest to the horizon. Usually this gives of an immense diversity of colours. Sunset has always been my favourite times of day because of this. It’s so easy to capture the warmth of the summer or those crisp winter afternoons. You just get to capture that moment.

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Now onto the weird one, the photos of my feet. Right don’t worry I don’t have some sort of weird foot fetish or anything, it’s just a habit I’ve noticed I do. I don’t really have a reason to do this but I think it’s because I have nothing better to take pictures of. It sets the scene and shows where you are. I know photos of your feet aren’t the most exciting but it sort of gives you an overview. It just adds that extra something to what would normally be a boring photo…well I think so anyway.

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thatmckThe Two Types of Photos.