The Sainsbo’s Life.

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So since I put up my last post a lot of exciting stuff has happened. As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram I recently got a job at Sainsbury’s. I know a lot of people will be like, oh wow it’s just Sainsbury’s but to me it means quite a lot. It worked out perfectly to where I finished college one week and started there the next; although it is only 12 hours a week over the weekend it is still money coming in. I did plan on writing and putting up a new post last week but since starting there all my time has been taken up with that. Although it is only weekend shifts I had to endure a two day induction that involved watching a lot of dvds and signing my name countless times on hundreds of pieces of paper.  Then I was finally allowed to start my training so I worked 18 hours over the weekend which wasn’t too bad.

Apart from working I was out the majority of the nights last week watching the World Cup, I’m not a big football fan but when alcohol and betting is involved I can’t say no. On another note i went out for a ride on my Penny Board for the first time this year, I rarely go out on it because the streets in my area are pretty useless for it. Luckily for me there is this big new park thing up Falkirk (like ten minutes’ drive away) it’s called the Helix and it pretty much consists of loads of freshly paved paths, a man-made lake lagoon thing and of course the Kelpies which you have probably heard of if you are from Scotland. It has literally been the perfect weather for riding it recently too, just been so sunny and warm.

To make this post actually sort of interesting to some of you I thought I would include some of my favourite photo’s I have taken the last couple of weeks. These are from all over really and well I like them so I think you guys might too. I should hopefully actually have another post up by Wednesday next week so look out for that!

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