Well Hello!

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Well Hello!

I’m Andrew
I’m 18, Scottish and life’s about to get pretty strange.

I’ve got a few weeks left of my HNC Media and Comms course before i finish up and supposed to move onto the HND after the summer.

The only problem being im not going back, i need a change, i don’t think this course is for me.

So that means im done with college for the foreseeable future, i’m going to be very unemployed and more than likely very bored.
I think this is right thing to do though, this is what i need. I’ve only really got one goal, the one big dream.

Cape Town, South Africa, 2016.

On this blog you will hopefully be able to see/read about my life and my journey.
The plan is to try and get to South Africa, but who knows where i’ll end up and who i’ll meet along the way.

Along the way you will more than likely see:
My daily life, gigs, food, music, film, clothes, tattoos, alcohol, travel and generally anything that i find interesting.

I’m Andrew, that’s what’s going on. Hope you stick around to see how it goes.

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thatmckWell Hello!