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Last week I had the pleasure to get the tour of BBC Scotland – Pacific Quay.  Now I thought this was going to be pretty interesting. It was… sorta? The reason I was going was for work. All of the Modern Apprentices got asked if they wanted to go and well it’s not something you get to do every day so why not right?

I liked the tour. I was just unbelievably hungover.  That clearly didn’t help the situation. That is my own fault though but who only goes out and has one drink right? Back to the tour and well there isn’t much to say, after all it is just a big office building with a few studios in it. Throughout the tour we were constantly reminded that when the building was designed it was designed in a way that they could broadcast in every single room, even the halls. At first when I heard that I thought it was pretty cool but see after hearing it every different room/location we went into I wanted to jump of one of the balcony’s in the place.

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It was a really nice building after all, supposedly built to reflect the industrial design of the Clyde and the shipbuilding etc. So pretty much like everything in Glasgow these days. We got shown the studios where they film the news and the weather (oh so fucking exciting I know). We also got shown the main studio that they film in, this is one of the things I was actually looking forward to. It was shit too. The set for the Mrs Browns Boys Christmas/New Year episodes were set up when we went in. However I am not a Mrs Browns Boys fan, I could barely contain my excitement.

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It’s only when I was actually there I realised how little television I watch. The tour guides went on and on about programs I have never even heard of. It got to the stage where I was just smiling and nodding my head to be polite. I shouldn’t knock the tour. It was good, just not what I was expecting. It would have been a lot more interesting if the tour guides had more to talk about. Like we went into one of the rooms and they couldn’t really tell you anything about the equipment. It was really disappointing.

The tour luckily only lasted about an hour and a half and after it finished I quickly fled to get food. Seven pounds for a shitty burger king was not what I had in mind but it had to do as I was in a rush to get home. Oh well, that was my time at the BBC Studios. If you havent already you should follow my blog with Bloglovin.


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