Unexpected Thoughts of an Endless Wanderer.

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It has been a while since I have sat down and just wrote. In the early days of this blog I used to just sit and ramble on, Going into two or even three subjects in the one post. Even though this blog, this outlet for my brain is constantly evolving and changing I feel like it’s something I don’t want to stray too far from. Over the past few weeks the grey Scottish skies have slowly been changing blue. The leaves on the trees having been gradually appearing and the temperature has been creeping up. This is Scotland and this is why I love it.

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There is no better time of year than right now. You know the mornings when you wake up for work and the sky’s bright and blue? You can leave the house without a jacket and put your sunglasses straight on and not look like an idiot. It’s simply one of the best feelings ever. I really don’t mix well with winter. When the days are short and cold, my mind often gets stuck in the mindset of “why bother?”  but when the weathers like this I am most definitely a “yes man”. Sure winter can be nice from time to time but I live for this. I not only feel more productive but I’m happier and this makes me more excited for life than ever.

The sun does something to me, like it does many others. It really makes me feel alive. From the days spent exploring new cities to walking old familiar roads, these are the sort of days I live for. This is life and the weather only reassures me to live it to its fullest.


thatmckUnexpected Thoughts of an Endless Wanderer.
  • I can definitely relate to the summer versus winter mindset – the sun evokes so much positivity 🙂
    Loved reading this post!


    • It really does doesnt it?! In the days since posting this the Scottish weather has turned grey and gloomy once again. It’s teasing me with the prospect of the summer months. I’m glad you liked it, thank you very much!


  • I completely agree with you, but also how lucky are we to have seasons? That sometimes we get to fill ourselves up with sunshine and then a few months down the track we get to discover the beauty of silence in winter. I think no matter the season it has something to look forward to that the others don’t 🙂

    • That is so true, i have never thought about it like that before. The summer months are the ones i definitely live for though.