The Wedding Essentials

The Wedding Essentials.

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So I’ve not been to a wedding in years, in fact not since it was 7. I had completely forgot about it until I was shown pictures of tiny me in a tiny kilt. That was over a decade ago now which is scary to think about, but times have changed. One of my good friends from college is getting married this Friday and as you can imagine I’m really looking forward to it. Technically it’s my first real wedding so I thought I better prepare.

This is what I’m calling “The Wedding Essentials” a sort of EDC that’s not actually for every day. I thought I would put together this list to give you some sort of idea what I won’t be leaving the house without on Friday. Most of the items on the list I usually take with me wherever I go but this is a special occasion right?

1. First on the list is a disposable camera, if you read my first post you know I don’t go anywhere without one. It’s pretty much attached to me like some sort of weird limb. It’s going to be one of the most important things I’ll have with me, I’ll be able to just take the odd picture and enjoy the moment.

2. Secondly on the list is nothing special just a cheap stainless steel 10oz Hip Flaks. I picked this up a few months ago for going to a family party but I knew it would come in handy for the future. There is nothing worse than paying the ridiculous prices at the bar or waiting around for that time of day when it is “socially acceptable” to go and get a drink. My drink of choice will more than likely be ol’ faithful Glens vodka to give me a pick up throughout the day and to get me ready for the night.

3. The next thing on the list is my prescription sunglasses. I just picked them up last week and I’m looking for any excuse to wear them. There is nothing I hated more about having glasses is not being able to see when it is sunny so that’s why I finally bit the bullet and went and ordered a pair. I went for just classic tortoise shell wayfarer style sunglasses, just so they would tie in with whatever I was wearing. I just need to hope that the sun is out so I can actually wear them.

4. Chewing Gum, Something that never leaves my pocket. Do I need to say anything more about it really? When you are out all day you are going to need it at some point so just shell out the 50p it costs and go and buy some. Everybody hates that one guy that’s got bad breath so I like to think this is an essential.

5. Number 5 is my Zippo Lighter, I bought this three years ago to celebrate leaving school. I don’t smoke so that’s a bit odd, truth is I just really wanted a zippo and thought that was a good reason to do so. When I say I don’t smoke well that’s a lie, I do occasionally. Not much though usually just the odd time when im out, it’s good to just be social and join everybody else and I presume that’s what will be happening on Friday.

6. Money is going to be very important, it’s important on a daily basis not to mention a wedding so my Brown Leather Wallet is definitely an essential. You can’t go wrong with a plain brown leather wallet, you don’t need anything fancy or super expensive. Just as long as it looks good and holds your money what more could you want.

7. Lastly on my list is my Gold Digital Casio Watch, this is on my wrist from the moment im out the shower to the moment when I go to bed. I’ve worn a watch for so long now that I can’t leave the house without it. I bought this watch around five years ago and it’s never parted my wrist since. There is something just so wonderful about glancing at your wrist for the time instead of messing about with your phone. The watch will be be pretty important on the big day, I mean you don’t want to miss your taxi home now do you?

So that’s my 7 essentials for a wedding, well just now anyway. Hopefully that’s everything I will need to survive the day ahead. I plan on doing an ootd post next week looking at what I was wearing at the wedding so keep a look out for that. In the meantime be sure to follow my instagram and twitter to keep more upto date with what im upto!



thatmckThe Wedding Essentials.