The Rolling Home – Not Just a Kickstarter.

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The Rolling Home is a book documenting one couples travels over 80,000 miles and the last five years in their van. It shows the evolution throughout the years in a compilation of photos, words and illustrations.

After five years on the road in an already old van you can imagine the battle scars this van has come to receive. That is where the book comes in. In order to raise funds to repair and keep their van on the road Lauren Smith and Calum Creasey started a Kickstarter project. Their goal was to raise £10,000, half to repair their Rolling Home and the other half to pay for the book and other rewards.

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What is Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is a crowd funding website, it’s a platform for companies and people such as Lauren and Calum to raise funds to make their ideas or project into a reality. When you pledge to help fund a project there are normally different brackets of pledges. Within these brackets is where the book fits in. So not only are they able to repair their home but they are able to produce this incredible book.

By the end of the month long campaign the project funded 250% successfully raising £24,72 with 790 backers all wanting to keep the Rolling Home on the road. Myself included, being one of the backers as I pledged in the £40 bracket. With this I received a copy of the book, an embroidered patch (Not pictured), a Sticker pack, Postcard set and a Tea towel.

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I pledged not for the rewards but I just wanted to help these genuine people. I never hesitated when I first saw a post about it on Instagram, about twenty minutes later I was a backer. Sharing memories and telling stories has always been important to me, so to see this it just seemed like everything I love; Travel, design and Photography. I have only had a quick flick through of it but I am already so inspired, I can’t wait to sit down and properly give it a read.

This is the sort of life I dream of. Imagine a road trip that never ends, I have always known I wanted to travel and receiving this book and helping these people has only made me so inspired to get out there and do it.

I definitely recommend this book and you can still buy the Rolling Home Book by going over to the website. You should also follow all of their Instagram accounts



thatmckThe Rolling Home – Not Just a Kickstarter.
  • The front cover of this book looks wonderful! I must look them up! – Becky x

    • Trust me the whole book is as beautiful as the cover, from front to pack each page contains beautiful photography from over the years!


  • Such an awesome concept! Kickstarter has helped so many good ideas come to fruition.

    James |

    • I know right, I think I am going to check it regularly now and see if anything else pops up that really catches my eye!