Christmas Gifts – The One From Her.

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This was the first Christmas that I got to spend with my girlfriend. Although we haven’t been together for long it is apparent that we already know each other inside out. We couldn’t actually be together on Christmas day so we had our own mini pre Christmas a few days before and it was lovely.

One of the gifts that I received from her was this Fujifilm Instax 200. It is big and it is clunky but I love it. It really isn’t the prettiest camera but I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. I love photography; actually the thing I love is being able to capture the moment. Being able to look back years later and instantly be brought back to that time with just a glance.

It has always been really important to me to capture the moment and this camera is another way for me to do that. Like I said it’s big and clunky but if anything it will make using it all the more special and fun. This is the best gift anybody could have gotten me and I am glad that it was from you, thanks Katy.

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thatmckChristmas Gifts – The One From Her.
  • I love my Instax Wide – I’m sure it’ll serve you well 🙂

    Erin |

    • Thank you! I cant wait to start using it properly and see what sort of shots i can get with it.