Knowing When To Put The Camera Down.

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A few weeks ago I spent the weekend in London. To some of you this might seem insignificant but to me it’s something I greatly appreciate. London is one of my favourite cities and for once I was going with no plans. In the past there has always been a central focus to my trip. Going to see the Libertines at Hyde Park is a prime example of that. Not having any prior plans was just what I needed; it meant it could experience the city to its fullest.  When I set off to London I took three cameras, set in my mind I wanted to photograph everything. I even flirted with the idea of making a short film of my weekend away.

The three cameras I had on me were my Sony A6000, my phone and of course a disposable. If you know anything about me you know that photos are important to me. I am always taking photos of everything and anything. I feel like trying to take photos and capture the moment has become my life. But it’s not all about the photos is it? It’s about the moment you are trying to capture to remember. You need to know when to stop. When to put down the camera and experience what is happening, right then in that moment.

Of course when I was away I took photos, it’s in my nature to take photos. But when it came down to it I simply wanted to enjoy my weekend. For once I was content in this. Making these memories and keeping this weekend special. The photos I got were great and I’m glad I got them, But I am also glad of the time I spent without a camera in my hand. It’s not all about the photos but the memories that are made.

Have you ever feel like you are spending too much time behind the lens? If you have let me know how you overcame this in the comments below.


thatmckKnowing When To Put The Camera Down.
  • Erin

    I think I have nearly the right balance in this area. Although there have been times I’ve wished I took a picture but didn’t.

    • It is a really hard thing to try and get a good balance, I don’t think anybody will ever truly be perfect at it!

      – Andrew