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Trainspotting, inevitably one of my favourite movies; I mean I am Scottish after all. It’s part of our culture. Not to mention the illicit drug use or the incredible acting. I was re-watching it a few nights ago when a quote stood out to me. Not just by anyone though by my favourite character in the narrative, the one I feel I’ve connected to with the most over the years. I don’t know why this quote stood out to me but it just did. it got me thinking.

“Personality, I mean that’s what counts, right? That’s what keeps a relationship going through the years. Like heroin, I mean heroin’s got a great fucking personality.” – Sickboy


It got me thinking just how important personality is. It’s like this big shining beacon above your head. It will be one of the first thing people notice about you before even speaking to you. So it goes a long way. Like a really long way if you think about it.

Personality, it’s the one the things that define us. It’s one of the things we very rarely think about though. It is always just there being shown to everybody every single day. It’s one of the things where it’s not as simple as ticking a box, filling out your own personal questionnaire in your mind, it happens over time. Your personality changes, of course it does. We wouldn’t be human if it never and that’s important. Things change in life, nothing ever stays the same. If it did life would just be bland and boring.

You are an individual made up of many different qualities and characteristics and that’s what makes you special. That’s what makes you you. Don’t try and be something you’re not it will get you nowhere. You won’t be happy, you might think you are but deep down you’re not. Surround yourself with people that make you happy, that inspire and motivate you. Be influenced by them, but don’t try and emulate them.

Comparison will kill you. It will put constantly be there to put you down. To make you feel like shit. To make you feel not good enough. You need to embrace who you are. Your likes and dislikes, the things you find funny and even the way that you speak are all parts of your personality. Don’t change for anybody, it’s not worth it.