PAWS at Summerhall.

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On Thursday night I met up with an old friend kelvin to go and see PAWS, Undoubtedly one of the best Scottish bands around at the moment. I have never had the pleasure of seeing the full band play together. Although I have been lucky enough to see Phillip (The Lead singer) play an acoustic set while supporting Owl John. I certainly wasn’t disappointed by the show, in such a wonderful venue.
paws-instaPlaying at a venue unbeknownst to me, Summerhall, located at the very top of the Meadows in Edinburgh. It was such a nice setting for the show. If I were to guess there were a few hundred people there to enjoy the show, at only £10 for the show how could you go wrong?  We turned up near the end of the first support bands set, Le Thug. I have never been a fan of support bands; nowadays I often aim to just miss them out completely. But what I heard when I was there I thoroughly enjoyed. Although by the time Algernon Doll came on I was more than slightly intoxicated I remember really enjoying them. They had a really nice sound to them, so I will definitely be checking them out.

untitled-51-2-4 untitled-270After countless trips to the bar amidst £3 bottles of Red Stripe PAWS were soon setting up and before I knew it they were playing. The crowd were a bit shy the entire night with only a hand full of people really getting into it down at the front. I can’t criticise too much though because I was part of that crowd. They handled the crowd well though which made for a great show. If I was such a great writer here is where I would include their set list for the night but my memory is horrendous so you will have to make do without. Unfortunately I had to leave mid “encore” during War Cry (one of my favourite songs) so I could run and catch my train. I would have loved to have stayed as the venue was open until 1am but I simply couldn’t. Maybe next time eh? Honestly though it was an incredible night and i will definitely be making more of an effort to see them in the future.

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thatmckPAWS at Summerhall.
  • Rebecca Marie

    I’ve not heard of these guys before but I will go listen to them now on Youtube, they sound great. Such a lovely venue! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie: UK Lifestyle xx

    • They are brilliant and well worth a listen! The venue was great as well, so different to the usual places i go to for gigs, was a nice change of scenery.