Looking ahead at 2015.

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Looking ahead at 2015 is a quite a daunting thing, well for me it is anyway. I am not one for sitting planning out my life, making sure every detail is right. I usually just take each day as it comes and see where life takes me. As much as I like this idea and this way of living sometimes you can feel a bit lost. I thought it was time to actually, not plan out my year but give myself some goals, a sort of guide if you will. I never used to see the point in goals, I always thought oh I will do it when I’m ready and that’s really not the philosophy to have.  Fuck the 2015 New Year New Me shit, I’m not changing. I am simply just trying to make my life a more enjoyable place for myself. So here are the five goals I have set myself for the coming year.

Be Healthier.
Like most people at the start of a new year they are in the mind-set of keeping fit and losing lots of weight for summer. I’m not one of those people. I genuinely just want to be a healthier person. The last few months of 2014 I was trying to cut out all the bad shit and get into a better exercise routine but I was just lacking motivation. I never really had any sort of exercise routine or any go to healthy foods so this year I’m changing that. I’ve started keeping track of when I exercise, how long for, what I done that sort of thing. That’s just the start though; I am also cutting out all the crap like sweets and crisps all the general junk food. Now that’s not to say I will never have any of that stuff again, but i might indulge here are there.

Work Harder.
Now this is one of the important ones for me. I have never taken my education very seriously and sort of just took it for granted. I mean I am doing an apprenticeship which will lead into a career I know I will love doing. But with my apprenticeship over in July I need to work really hard. Now is the time I really need to get my head down. I have no idea if I am going to get kept on after my apprenticeship, So i need to work hard to prove not just to myself but to my peers that I know what I am doing. You need to put in the effort to get anywhere in life and now i have finally realised that. Better late the never right?

Become More Organised.
Like I said I usually take each day as it comes, this is good and bad. Whenever I actually need to plan for something, or get a piece of work done it takes forever. I never know where to begin or where I’m supposed to be. Planning things out properly will go a long way with being more organised especially with making notes and writing lists. At a glance I should easily be able to see what I have to do. Obviously that will only go so far but combing that with my hard work I  like to think it will take effective in no time. That’s the hope anyway.

I honestly thought I was good at saving but in the past year, going to a couple of festivals, buying a car and getting several tattoos that money soon disappeared. Hopefully this year I can restrict myself from spending too much and remember where my money should be going. I often fool myself into thinking I have more money than I actually do when I get paid and end up buying a few bits of pieces. Usually things I like not things that I need. Hopefully I get into the mind-set of saving and planning ahead. That way I have something to look forward and know that my money is going to be better spent that way.

This is not really a new goal of mine. For the past few years it’s all I’ve thought about really. My Goal for this year is to just go somewhere new. Could just be another part of the country but I would really like to go abroad at some point this year. Its been a few years now since i have been abroad and i am craving it more than ever. There no point having traveling as my dream if I am never going to do anything about it. I’m sure all these other goals will help with that. Becoming more organised and planning trips out, working hard and earning more money, saving and keeping better tack of that money then hopefully at the end of all of that I will have something to show for it. I will be finally making that next step of turning my dreams into my reality.

So that’s my goals for the year. Four small goals to work towards my end goal, travelling. I’m sure most of yours goals will be the same, have you got any different goals for 2015?


thatmckLooking ahead at 2015.
  • We’ve got similar goals, except for the “Become More Organised” one. I think I need to become less organised in a sense; be more open to spontaneity instead of needing to plan everything in advance. I totally agree with the travelling one though, I desperately need to go someplace new.

    Also I’m loving the “vibe” of your blog!


    • Yeah its good to be spontaneous, just to get out there and do stuff. In my experience i normally have a better time when things aren’t planned but it was just getting too out of control for me! I’m sure those can go hand in hand though combine your new found spontaneity with wanting to go travelling, it should work out pretty well.

      Ah thanks so much i am glad you like it, It really does mean a lot.


  • I have similar goals to go, although I find that “saving up” and “traveling” are clashing for me. I guess at one point something has got to give!

    • Yeah that’s the problem i always have too, hopefully this year things work out differently though!