Leeds Festival 2014.

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So the last few days have been pretty incredible. I went down to Leeds Festival with my friend from work Martin. Unlike a few weeks ago at Kendal I was actually semi prepared for it. Even though my ticket might have only came the day before I was due to leave and I didn’t think through how I was going to carry all my bags.

On the Thursday morning I met up with Martin and his two friends Beech and Scott at the train station. This was the moment that could make or break the weekend I had no idea what to expect of these guys. Luckily for me they were some of the nicest guys I have ever met and we managed to have a great laugh. We all headed off to the bus station, this is where we met “Highman”. A Spanish guy heading down by himself, after about 30 seconds of getting on the bus we started speaking to him and he was handing us beers. Highman was brilliant and a good laugh. A bit weird but seemed nice enough anyway.

Five hours later we finally made it to Leeds. About 20 feet from the bus and I was already struggling to carry my three bags. I somehow thought it was a good idea to bring 40 cans of Tennents, 6 cans of Jack Daniels and coke and a litre of vodka. I should have really stuck with the spirits…  It probably took us about an hour and a half to finally find somewhere to get camped. We got right to drinking as soon as the tents were set up, I personally voted for having a drink beforehand but nobody seemed up for it.  We could have only been there around two hours before I had some girl run up to me and ask if I was Natasha’s friend. Before I could even answer Natasha was standing behind her (You probably have no clue who I am talking about but she is the girl that I met at Hyde Park a few months ago). I didn’t think we would actually find each other that quickly but turns out we were in the same camp. But that was just the first weird thing to happen.

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One of the big deciding factors in me going to Leeds was to try and meet probably one of my best friends Mollie. We’ve never met in person but speak pretty much every day. We were both fairly excited to finally meet and wouldn’t shut up about it for days before it. But there was one problem. Mollie being such a bright spark forgot to charge her phone so every time I tried to phone her it was just going straight to voicemail. I sort of lost all hope of meeting her. But that didn’t stop me from looking literally everywhere. I had no luck.  So this is where it starts to get weird. When I was at Flume I started speaking to this guy and girl. They seemed pretty cool so we all decided to just head to Disclosure afterwards. It was only then when I asked where they were from and it turns it it was Nottingham like Mollie. Then it turns out the girls mum taught Mollie at school and the guy is actually camped with her. Like what are the chances of that? I obviously got really excited about it all until I ended up losing them in the crowd after Disclosure. I lost track in the drunken haze of faces. So that was that. I fucked my best chance of finding her. Oh well. I guess it will need to be next time Mollie.

Even though I was faced with that fiasco all weekend I still managed to see some amazing artists. Flume, Disclosure, Borgore and Royal Blood to name just a few. I have a really weird music taste. It changes all the time. The past year or so I’ve really been into like dance music. That’s weird to me. I never thought I would like it but oh well. Anyway none of my friends are really into it so it was hard to try and drag them along. Disappointingly I missed a few people I really wanted to see because of it (Nero, Annie Mac, Netsky) at least I got to see a wide range of music. I also never managed to get to the Relentless tent until the Sunday night, which was swiftly cut short when we headed back to the tent for more drinks and ended up at Piccadilly. I must have seen over 15ish bands the whole weekend which is really surprising. I was only expecting to see maybe two or three a day but it’s amazing what you get dragged along to see.

Here’s a rough guide of who I actually saw over the weekend – Neck Deep, Macklemore (caught the last of the set) Flume, Disclosure, Drenge, Enter Shikari, Courteeners, Royal Blood, Peace, Borgore, Circa Waves, The front Bottoms, Bombay Bicycle club (half set) Pendulum Dj set (half set), Arctic Monkeys, Nero (last two songs)

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On the Saturday we ended up making some friends over Sambuca. Anna, Heather and Lauren. They were camped just across from us and after we got speaking me just sort of never left each other. I sort of wish we got speaking to them a lot sooner. We had a great laugh and they were all so genuine. Apparently they had been disappearing every morning to go and get breakfast from some wee local pub. In their drunken state they offered to take me and Beech the next day. Im not sure how they felt about that decision in the morning nonetheless it was good to actually get proper food for once. Oh and to use an actual toilet. This was one of the highlights of the weekend but also one of the weirdest. I’ve done a lot of weird things to say the least. But sitting in a random pub, in a town I didn’t know the name of, somewhere I never knew, with a guy I met two days ago and three girls I met less than 24 hours ago, talking like we had known each other for years has to be one of the weirdest. Hopefully we actually stay friends for time to come, so cheers for the company “Manchesterian” pals.

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I could go on and on about the weekend but I have rambled enough. This was a post about a music festival. I bet you would’ve thought I’d talk about at least a bit more music?  Nah that’s not me, want music reviews read NME or some shit. All in all it was an astounding weekend. One of the best weekends I’ve ever had. (I swear im trying my hardest not to be cringey) I got to meet some amazing people. I’ve got so many memories of the weekend I hope I don’t forget it in a hurry. I will have a new post up hopefully by the middle of next week with my disposables camera pictures from Kendal and Leeds so look out for that.

Thank you Leeds, Maybe next year?


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