Why I chose the commuter life – VW Polo 1.2 R Line.

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Over the last few years the commuter life has started to take it’s toll. At first travelling in and out of Edinburgh 5 days a week isn’t all that bad. It is a twenty-minute journey by train after all. But that is on a good day. Isn’t that right Scotrail?

The initial plan from the start of the year was to move out and get a place of my own, to live in the city and to feel it in my bones. Growing up I was always told you are either an Edinburgh or a Glasgow person. For the longest time I believed I was an Edinburgh person. I have always been drawn to it not just for the beauty of it but for the people and the experiences I have had here. But with anything, getting older my minds been changing, I have been changing. My internal compass is no longer pointing east but now to the west.

Why invest the time, the energy and the money in moving out. Moving to a city where my heart no longer lies? Work. That’s why. That is the only reason drawing me to it. That dream is no longer a dream though; it is a silent nudge in the back on mind. It no longer draws me in for the beauty, the people or the experiences I once had but for the ease and the comfort of not commuting. Don’t get me wrong Edinburgh is beautiful and always will hold a place in my heart, but for now I am over it.

I have not got a lot to say about Glasgow and my intentions were never to debate which city is better. However this was necessary in order to start the story. So with a flat in Edinburgh ruled out commuting was the only option. However moving jobs to the other side of the city my commute is now well over an hour. The majority of that time spent waiting. Waiting on the train and then on the bus, all this waiting around and not actually moving. What is the one thing I hate most about public transport? It never runs on time, if it’s not on time it is running late and don’t even consider it being on time because that is never an option.

With public transport ruled out now as well, the last resort had to be a little upgrade. I passed my driving test around two and a half years ago now and since then I have been driving my beat up old VW Polo. As much as I loved it, I definitely thrashed that thing around. Over the years I put more money into repairing it than I actually paid for it. But at the time that is all I could afford, that was all I had and I was incredibly proud of it. At the time there was no better feeling. The years really hadn’t been kind to poor old Stella. Yes I named her Stella and yes that is after the beer; a little rough around the edges but just as good as any other.

I have been look looking at cars for a few weeks now and not once did I ever think I would end up with another VW Polo. But here I am, this is my 2013 VW Polo 1.2 R Line.

Beecraigs June 4th 2016 (7 of 10) Beecraigs June 4th 2016 (8 of 10) Beecraigs June 4th 2016 (9 of 10) Beecraigs June 4th 2016 (10 of 10)

As I said I never thought I would end up with another Polo but this one caught my eye. Actually that is a lie a slightly newer model did but sadly though that was not meant to be. There was something about this car that just drew me in and I instantly knew it was the car for me. With the R Line specification you may be thinking it is a sportier faster version of the standard Polo. But it’s not. It is literally just the styling package, like the more aggressive bumpers and side skirts, the sportier flat-bottomed steering wheel and a few other touches here and there.

But who cares if it’s not faster, I’m no boy racer. You wont find me sitting in the local Tesco car park at 11 o’clock on a Friday night. This is fast enough for me and as an added bonus it is actually cheaper to insure than my previous car. It looks amazing and it sounds amazing. When I drive down the road I don’t feel like its suddenly going to burst into flames and that is the best thing about it.

The photos in this posts where shot on Instax 200 at the same time as my Wander in the Woods from my last post.


thatmckWhy I chose the commuter life – VW Polo 1.2 R Line.