Endless Wanderer Rebrand.

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So as you may have noticed over the past few weeks there have been a few changes on here. I felt it was time for a change, a big change. Actually no that’s a lie I originally set out to simply change the catch line I “I Drink. I Blog. I travel” it was just not the message I wanted to get across to people. This then snowballed into something I am incredibly proud of.

Endless Wanderer is the new catch line. I feel it fits my personality a lot better and not only that but the content here on the blog. An Endless Wanderer that’s what I am. That’s who I am. Constantly wandering through life aimlessly not knowing where I will end up.  By changing that one small thing it led me to redesign the logo. The old one just didn’t feel right anymore. It was too clunky and childlike.  By changing the logo I thought it was only fitting to redesign the site around it, making it into something of its own.


I am not a designer. I mean I love design and it’s one of my passions but I don’t do it often. I’d rather appreciate good design than try and do it myself. I knew when I set out to redesigning the site needed to be clean. It needed to be fresh. It needed to be reflective of the person I am. I have kept it minimal, not cluttered with widgets or in your face colours. In the new logo I put the hint of teal. Not only because it is my favourite colour but because it makes it jumps out at you. It’s such a placid colour and that’s why I like it, it ties in perfectly and there are subtle highlights throughout. Lastly I thought it was important to add the slider at the top of the front page. I wanted to showcase older content that may have been forgotten about or visitors to the site might have not seen.

I thought it was only right to explain what was going on and the reasoning for the sudden change. I have been working hard recently on bringing you guys the best content possible and I hope you like it. Overall I am incredibly proud of the redesign and the direction this site is heading. Hard work really does pay off.  Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!


thatmckEndless Wanderer Rebrand.
  • All this changes are beautiful, I love the blog captcha by the way! It all looks stunningly. Have a nice day,

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    • Thank you so much, i am glad you like it just as much as i do!


  • Your themes are always so clean and professional looking, how do you find them?

    • Thank you so much, It takes a lot of time to find the right theme and over time your editing abilities improve. I would just take a look around i have found themes from all over!