Edinburgh Interviews.

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So yesterday was a pretty interesting day for me. I had my first real life adult interview. For Like an actual real proper job and not just a wee part time one. Well it’s a Modern Apprenticeship as a “digital creative” with Young Scot but working alongside Central Scotland Police. But for once ill actually be earning some decent money and it does sound like a really interesting career with something that I’m actually interested in. By the sounds of it I’ll be doing everything that I actually enjoyed doing at college but getting paid to do it. That was things like filming and working with Photoshop and InDesign etc. It’s not the best pay its only around£8500 for the year but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

To make it even better I’ve also got another two interviews lined up. I found out last Friday when I got a couple of phone-calls while I was out and rather drunk. Think I got a bit more excited than normal due to the fact I was drunk but oh well. The other two are for more modern apprenticeships in the same sort of general field. IT Risk Management at Prudential which is the best pay, well I think so anyway. I’m pretty sure that its like £280 a week. I’d be in my element earning that sort of money and I’d definitely consider moving out or buying a new car. The third and final one is an apprenticeship with the NHS in Digital Media. Like I said they are all roughly in the same sort of field and I think they will all be pretty good careers. I can’t actually remember a lot about the NHS apprenticeship I just know that my interview is on the 14th in Glasgow. Definitely going places with my knowledge…

Anyway yesterday I was up bright and early for my interview in Edinburgh, The building was Literally right next to Haymarket Station so it was really easy to find. As far as the interview went i think it went pretty well, it was in front of a panel of 3 people and it was all pretty casual.  Overall the interview lasted around half an hour and they said I would know by today (Thursday 3rd) if I got the position! I will be sure to add in at the bottom if I got it or not.


I thought it would be nice to go and meet-up with some friends after my interview since I don’t get to go through to Edinburgh all that often. But unfortunately everybody I actually know through there had other plans or were busy working, so that was sort of shit. I still made the most of it though as I brought my bag with me with a change of clothes in it. I really didn’t fancy wearing a shirt and tie out any longer than necessary. Plus wearing my brogues all day did not sound appealing. So my vans it was. The weather let me down too actually, I was really hoping for it to be nice and warm and sunny so I could just lie in the Gardens/Meadows and just forget about everything for a little bit but that obviously never happened. The day was mostly overcast with it even trying to rain so I spent my time raking about the shops. Trying to see if I could spend my money on more clothes I don’t need. I actually had to stop myself from buying a pair of  skinny tartan trousers, that’s how bad it was.

After wandering about for a few hours with no avail so I gave up and started to head back to the train station. By this point I really thought I was going to be caught in a downpour so I headed to the nearest building. Luckily for me it was the Scottish National Galley right in the middle of Princess Street. I’ve not been in there for as long as I can remember, if ever so i headed in. I like art, I’m no big lover of it and will wander round galleries for hours but I can understand and appreciate good paintings or drawings or whatever. It was just a nice break from the streets packed with tourists, nice and quiet and really not that busy either. I never stayed long but it was good to have a quick wander round. In that time I got too see some magnificent works of art all while staying dry from the shower outside.

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All in all today was good. The interview went really well. I got to have a wander around the shops and have a look at some amazing art. Not how I planned my day going but it was nice.



I got the Apprenticeship, words cant describe how happy i am.

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