Edinburgh at Christmas.  

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Edinburgh at Christmas is not different to anywhere else at this time of year. With a barrage of lights, Christmas trees and Christmas songs coming from everywhere with speakers. Edinburgh’s Princess Street gardens and st Andrews square gets transformed into a “Winter Wonderland”. By this I mean a German market appears with some ridiculously overpriced amusements.

I mean I have never been a big fan of this time of year. It’s cold, it’s dark and I need to wear a lot of layers. it’s generally not my cup of tea. With working in Edinburgh and all of this nonsense literally a five minute walk away from my work I thought it would be a shame to miss it. In short it’s nothing special. I ended up spending more of my time wandering around the shops than the actual market.



I love Edinburgh to bits. In Scotland you are either a Glasgow person or an Edinburgh person and since I was small I always knew I was an Edinburgh person. It’s just an incredible city to be in. Don’t get me wrong the Christmas market is im sure lovely to lots of people otherwise they wouldn’t do it. But to me it’s just boring. I have no interest in 36 different flavoured coffee beans or wooden Christmas ornaments. The only bit I was remotely interested in was the bars, unfortunately I couldn’t drink. I stupidly drove to the train station and well don’t want to drink and drive now do i?

It’s a nice experience and something you should at least see and do if you are in Edinburgh this time of year. I got speaking to a couple that came up to Glasgow to see Slash for one of their 54th birthdays, they never even knew that Edinburgh had a Christmas market and loved it. Even though I didn’t enjoy it that much it does get you in the Christmas mood. It is sort of being in like a Christmas film at times (unfortunately not Die Hard) which I think is nice. It really does just depend on who you are with and what you do, If you are willing to spend £10 to go up the big wheel or £5 for a drink etc. I suppose you could call me cheap, id personally call myself sensible.


thatmckEdinburgh at Christmas.