Clydebuilt, Glasgow.

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Well I had a pretty last minute day on Thursday. At work on the Wednesday I was asked to help out at some freshers fair through in Glasgow. It was at the SECC and I pretty much had no idea who was going or what I was doing until I turned up on the day. Turns out I wasn’t doing much just handing out free stuff and taking pictures. Not a bad day if you ask me.

Anyway that’s not that exciting so moving on… When I was told to head out for my lunch there weren’t many options. Since it was pretty busy I thought it was going to be hard to find somewhere to eat, turns out I was wrong. I didn’t really want to go a trek to find somewhere cheap so I ended up just going to Clydebuilt which is actually in the Centre itself. Plus knowing my luck if I left to go somewhere I’d end up needing to run back so the others could go for their lunch. That wasn’t happening.


So Clydebuilt is literally right on the main entrance to the SECC. I don’t go there often so I have no idea how long it has been there but it was brilliant. With it right on the Clyde and the industrial interior design it all seems fitting. Even though it is inside the SECC it’s just it’s own thing and it all just works. It really doesn’t look out of place. This is just the type of places I like eating/going to. They are just different and unique. Plus they usually serve really good food.


There wasn’t actually that much choice on the menu. To be honest with you though, I wasn’t expecting there to be. A handful of different burgers, pizzas and salads are all you really need. If there is one thing I hate it’s when you go into a restaurant and there is pages and pages of different things you can order. If there’s more than a page it’s just too much. Plus the way I like to look at it is if they only do a handful of dishes they must be good. Not as if they are rushing around making loads of different foods in the kitchen is it?

I went for the Ayrshire Burger. Pretty much a bacon double cheeseburger. It was good. Like really good. It came with a portion of fries and some relish. Who even likes relish though? I was probably one of the best burgers I have had all year. It did start to make me feel a bit sick after it. I don’t know if I ate too much too soon or if my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Either way I didn’t let that spoil the fact it was really good food in a really nice place.


It wasn’t one of the cheapest places I have ever been to. But £13 for a pretty big burger, a good portion of chips and a pint of cola isn’t too bad. Trust me I wish that was a pint of something else, shame I was at work though. Thinking back it was a pretty average price for going out for something to eat in Glasgow. Not as expensive as some of the places I have been to through there at least. Ah well I think it was worth it.

I would highly recommend this place if anybody is over that side of Glasgow. It’s well worth a visit. Don’t let it put you off that it’s right actually in the SECC. It doesn’t matter at all you just soak up the environment when you are in there anyway. I don’t eat out often but I wish I did. I think this is one of those places you should definitely visit if you are ever in Glasgow.







thatmckClydebuilt, Glasgow.