Christmas Gifts.

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So once again that’s Christmas over for another year. Each year it seems to fly by quicker than the last. Even though I started the slightly hungover I still made the most of my day, mostly due to copious amounts of alcohol. I hate the term “Christmas Haul” or “Birthday Haul” or whatever it just bugs me. It’s like saying “Hey look how spoiled I am”. I really didn’t want this post to turn into that so I picked out a few of my favourite gifts.

To start with I got this great selection of books. “More Fool Me” by Stephen Fry, “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis, “Drive” by James Sallis and “The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair” by Joël Dicker. As you know I have been reading a lot lately so I thought this selection of books will tide me over for a little while. I thought it would be a good idea to make a wish list on Amazon with all the books I was thinking about getting. It means I don’t forget the books I really want to read plus it was easy enough to send the link to my family so they could choose a few and surprise me. I’m really happy with the ones they chose especially with American Psycho and Drive. I tried reading these a few years back on my phone and I just couldn’t get into them. Reading on a tiny iphone 4 screen is not the greatest okay.

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I’ve wanted one of these bottle openers for a while now to. It’s just one of they things you always want but refuse to buy yourself. It’s nothing fancy or expensive it’s just a little key shaped bottle opener. The amount of times I go out and end up needing a bottle opener is unreal so I’m sure this will come in handy. It’s just little thoughtful gifts like this that I really like. My brother got me this little Jack Daniels set and it’s the same as the bottle opener. It’s nothing expensive or fancy but I really like it. I like my whiskey. I also like having a few halfs now and again so this will go down a treat.

Lastly, the “biggest” thing shall I say, was this Custom license plate. I said in the passing months ago that I really liked my Mum and Dads one (MC52MCK) and that it would be cool to have one of my own. It’s not as if I have an incredibly nice car but I love it. This is something I am going to be able to keep for the rest of my life. Put it on every car I own over the years. Now it’s like we have a little fleet of cars.

That’s what I got for Christmas, it’s not a lot but I’m incredibly happy with it. I hope everybody had a good Christmas, What were your favourite gifts?


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  • Lovely post, and some awesome gifts. Been meaning to read American Psycho for so long now, may have to pick it up this week.

    • Thank so much! Ah you should it’s a must read, or so i’ve heard.

  • Always need a bottle opener but can’t complain with that list of books- especially Drive and American Psycho! Have you seen the films yet though?

    Ben |

    • Course i have seen them! a couple of my favourite films that’s why i thought it was time to sit down and read the books!


      • Great- you won’t be disappointed! American Psycho is a great critique of corporate society in book form, Brett Easton Ellis nails it!