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With working in the centre of Edinburgh I often see shops and restaurants pop up that I’d love to visit. Usually if it’s a shop ill just pop in and have a look around but restaurants are different. I never really get the opportunity to go in and actually try these places. Burger was no exception, I saw this place open up a couple of months ago. Every time I walked passed it I said to myself “I really need to go there” I could just tell that it would be my type of place.

Situated in the West End, Shandwick Place (I am pretty sure that’s classed as the west end anyway). It’s only about a five minute walk from Haymarket train station, it’s impossible to miss. I finally found an excuse to stop by a few days ago and I wasn’t disappointed. This has to be one of my favourite restaurants/ food places I have ever visited. The whole interior and feel of the place meant it was just a pleasant place to be, a good environment to just relax and grab a quick bite to eat. I would describe it as a modern take on an American Dinner and it just works well.


Quick being one of the best things, it only took around ten minutes for the food to arrive. I’d much rather hit up a place like this than heading to McDonald’s. For a couple of pounds more you can have some food that tastes a hell of a lot better and is probably better for you.. Well slightly. I don’t want to big it up too much but it was probably the best burgers I have had in Edinburgh, then again I don’t eat out a lot so you can make your own mind up on that.

untitled-28-3untitled-42I felt it was reasonable priced for what you are getting, I picked up a Bacon Cheese burger, fries and a bottle of Tiger beer for just over £11. Now for the centre of Edinburgh that’s a really good price considering what you are getting. There is all the usual old burgers you’d expect but they have a list of special that change from time to time. I plan on heading back soon to try something a bit different.

Make sure you check out Burger online using the links below. Or if you are from Edinburgh I would keep it in mind if you are looking for a quick cheap place to eat.

Twitter – @burgeredinburgh
Instagram – @burgeredinburgh


thatmckBurger, Edinburgh.